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The Best Vitamins for Your Gums
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The Best Vitamins for Your Gums
A weak immunity influences many organs and systems of the human body. It makes them more vulnerable to the development of various diseases.

Among the specific low-immunity diseases are periodontal diseases. Reduction in immunity makes our gums weaker against things like poor mouth hygiene.

People with better immunity are less likely to develop severe periodontal disease even if they occasionally neglect their mouth hygiene (but if they do it regularly, they will definitely have a problem). If this problem is already real for you, professional treatment is highly recommended. Moreover, your gums need additional support to overcome the disease faster.

What kind of support may that be? Vitamins are well-known immunity boosters. Besides, they perform a fortifying effect on your oral health in particular. They nourish periodontal tissues and make them stronger. The lack of vitamins in a human body is a powerful provoking factor for the appearance of multiple dental diseases.

The vitamins you should include into your daily menu to have healthier gums are those of the groups E, K, A, C, D, and the B-group.  Why are they more preferable? Let us see what the leading dentists say about them.

Vitamin A helps the dentin regenerate and protects it against any further damage. Vitamin C performs an anti-inflammatory action. Vitamin E improves the metabolism and blood circulation in periodontal tissues. Vitamin K makes the blood clot better and reduces gum bleeding. The B-group vitamins also improve metabolism and are especially helpful in the cases of diabetes.

When you choose a proper vitamin complex to support your gums, pay attention not only to the vitamins. It should also contain calcium to strengthen your dental and periodontal tissues and selenium to ease inflammation and boost the immunity. All the microelements that boost the metabolism will be helpful in this case.

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