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What Are the Reasons for Blood in the Urine?

What Are the Reasons for Blood in the Urine?
There are a lot of reasons for blood in human urine. In medical terms, it’s called hematuria.

But it’s not a disease, it’s a symptom, which may indicate both minor disorders in the organism and serious health problems.

There are two types of hematuria: visible hematuria (visible or gross hematuria causes brown or red discoloration of the urine that is visible to the naked eye) and non-visible hematuria (microscopic hematuria doesn’t discolor the urine and is thus found incidentally on urinalysis or light microscopy).

Hematuria produces red, pink or brown (cola-colored) urine, caused by the presence of erythrocytes. But some medications (laxative) and foods, including beet, rhubarb, berries, can provoke a reddening of the urine. Urine color change, caused by drug use, food or physical activity, can disappear in a few days.

There are various reasons for blood in the urine:

  1. Cancer. Severe urine bleeding can be a sign of kidney cancer, bladder or prostate. Unfortunately, such types of cancer at an early stage can be completely asymptomatic.  

  2. Medications. Cyclophosphamide and penicillin can cause colored urination. Visible urine blood sometimes appears while taking nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or anticoagulant, such as aspirin or heparin.

  3. An enlarged prostate. Lots of males over 50 may have blood in the urine because of an enlarged prostate. The prostate is below the bladder and surrounding the top part of the urethra, may enlarge. This causes compression of the urethra and blocking urine flow.

  4. Physical activity. Long-distance runners are vulnerable to physiological bleeding, caused by an intense workout. But it also can be provoked by bladder injury, a breakdown of red blood cells or dehydration.

  5. Kidney infections (pyelonephritis). Inflammation of the kidneys after bacterial and viral infections is one of the most common reasons for blood in the urine. These occur when bacteria enters the kidneys from the bloodstream or moves from the ureters to the kidneys.

  6. Kidney diseases. Microscopy urine bleeding is the most common symptom of glomerulonephritis. Viral or streptococcal infections, blood vessel diseases (vasculitis) and immune problems like nephropathy.

  7. Heredity. You can be prone to several kidney diseases, such as a kidney stone, which can provoke urine bleeding. Sickle-cell anemia is a hereditary defect that may cause both visible and non-visible (microscopic) hematuria.

  8. Urinary bladder and kidney stones.  Stones in kidneys may cause excruciating pain and irritation that lead to both visible and non-visible (microscopic) urine bleeding.

  9. Kidney damage. Injured kidney also can provoke visible blood in the urine.

Don’t put off your seeing a doctor, hematuria can be caused by serious diseases and dangerous disorders. Never self-medicate, it can cost you your life!

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