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SEO Company Bliss Drive Shares Why Equipment Traders Should Invest in SEO Experts

SEO Company Bliss Drive Shares Why Equipment Traders Should Invest in SEO Experts

Irvine, CA -- Bliss Drive, a results-driven, strategic digital marketing partner to businesses and equipment traders, recently assisted one of their clients, Coronado Equipment Sales, with their website SEO needs. After their experience with Coronado Equipment Sales, and having spoken to numerous other material handling equipment traders, Bliss Drive wanted to help other traders understand what to look for in an SEO company.


“A lot of businesses come to us because they’re frustrated,” said Richard Fong, CEO of Bliss Drive. “They’ve been burnt by SEO companies that don’t know what they’re doing. In many cases, those SEO companies have actually hurt their company websites.”


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a technical and creative process for maximizing the number of visitors to a website by ensuring the site appears high on the rankings of search engine result pages (SERPs). It is now a global industry and an essential marketing tool for any business, whether local or national level.


Although many people still find equipment traders through recommendations from friends and other business referrals, more are finding forklift traders online than ever before. Converting online visitors into clients is now key to competing in the construction space.


Unfortunately, equipment traders continue to be taken advantage of agencies that offer SEO services in name only. These agencies are inexpensive, but the results they bring, if any, are minimal.


“If your SEO company isn’t focused on conversions, it won’t matter how much traffic you’re getting. If your traffic is unqualified and you don’t have the right messaging, your visitors won’t take action.”


Bliss Drive uses a combination of search engine optimization, conversion rate optimization, and website development to drive results for their clients. But SEO is at the core of their business.

“If you need to outsource it, SEO should be a core competency of the company you partner with,” said Fong.


Fong states in the company’s website, “Plenty of agencies offer SEO as a service. But really, you’re just getting glorified web developers. Publishing a few pages and doing some on-page work with keywords isn’t SEO. SEO is a blend of multiple strategies, technologies, and analytical tools.”


As they do with all their clients, Bliss Drive’s SEO experts built Coronado Equipment Sales’ strategy with content development, authoritative link-building, and site optimization. They went after both long-term and short-term SEO targets to show results. Combined with analytics and regular reporting, Bliss Drive offers their clients complete transparency into the process.


“We want to show you that you’re getting found online, that your website has the right messaging, and that you’re converting,” said Fong. “When you invest in SEO experts, it isn’t just about getting more traffic. Your investment needs to translate into calls, clients, and revenue.”

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