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The 10 Worst Mistakes Advanced WordPress Developers Make
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The 10 Worst Mistakes Advanced WordPress Developers Make
The common errors cannot be ignored. They not just make the website ineffective but at the same time create a lot of problems which waste the efforts.

WordPress has most definitely the most popular platform which is used to set up websites and content. The speed at which the process is done is commendable and in most cases, it opens gates to mistakes and errors. Most of the users think that they are adding functions to the website and they are not able to access whether this is the right thing to do.  There are many mistakes that can be avoided if you Hire WordPress developer. You must read further to see what these mistakes are and how you should deal with them. 

1) JavaScript not properly used: The users often keep all their javascript in a single code. This is not a very good habit as it drastically increases the size of file this might later lead to problems like file size being hired which lead to slow loading. It is true that you will not be able to use the file to improve speed and thus you should avoid such mistake.

2) A common name used: When naming the plug-ins choosing something which does not conflict with the other is always the best thing. This if avoided a create code conflict. The developers often create such codes with prefixes to avoid such a thing.

3) Dealing with the core code: There could be a wide range of issues if the core code is modified. This can lead to bug reports. Plug-in installs ineffective themes etc. 

4) Mistakes while altering files: If you are not the developer then it is not a great idea to change the themes. In order to do that use actions and filters and create the child theme which will allow you to make the changes and not alter anything in the parent theme. 

5) Writing PHP code while not accounting for cached date: If you are not following the code standards then the clients will face an issue when they install the plug-in. You must Hire WordPress developer if you want the codes to be in place.

6) Not able to track changes in a proper manner: This might create a situation where you will have to make the same changes again and again as you are not keeping track. There are many tools which can be used to keep a track of the changes made and this will save a lot of efforts.

7) Including CSS and JavaScript when not required: Having Too many HTTPs requests makes the website load slower than expected and the main impact is on the search engine ranking of the website. The situation might also lead to Java errors.  

8) Not thinking about security: Ignoring the security aspect leads to hacking if not dealt with properly. This has made many websites vulnerable. Deal with these issues at the right time so that your website is safe. 

9) Using snippets while not understanding what they mean: This might lead to inconsistency in the project. If the code is not available for reuse then it might lead to legal problems. There could also be ineffective functions which will lead the website to load slower and becomes hard to maintain. 

10) Making use of admin to post content: Following the security concern, it is important that admin is not posting the content as this open chance for the intruder to log into the system. Use contributor account for new content. 

The common errors cannot be ignored. They not just make the website ineffective but at the same time create a lot of problems which waste the efforts. If the users are aware of the mistakes then they will actively make efforts to avoid them. 

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