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Why Do You Need a WordPress. org Site Over a Free WordPress. com Site?
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WordPress. org is the actual WordPress platform that most of us have heard about. This is a great platform that has all great features.

When you are using WordPress you might feel that you know everything unless something completely new pops up and then you are thrown away. You are already paying WordPress to own a domain and then you see that your website is should XXXX. instead of which is confusing. Yes, you are using WordPress and now you are left wondering which one is better and which the one that should use for my website is. It has an idea already then it is great but if this questions worries you then you should read further to know what each of these means and how one is beneficial to the other. 

What is is the actual WordPress platform that most of us have heard about. This is a great platform that has all great features. This is an open source platform which is why WordPress is popular about. It is 100% free for use and the users need to own a domain name and web hosting to get the website rolling. The Free WordPress themes are used to create great websites and they should be able to reach the right customer easily.

The users of the basically own their websites. They have full control over its operations and are free to do anything. There is a lot of customization which is allowed at the hands of the owners. Since it is free to use and easy to operate it is really beneficial for new users. There is no conflict of ownership as the owners have full right on their website. The data which is on the website is also controlled by the owners. The users or owners often face the trouble of website going down due to policies and rules which is not anything close to what will see as the owners completely have full right on the website and they are the one who takes decision for their websites. 

Since we have already talked about the ownership the website owners can easily add the plug-in as and when they please. These plug-ins can be paid or free as the owner, please. The websites which are created can use WordPress free themes or premium paid themes as the need may be. The themes are well designed and come with high functionality. In case a need is felt then they can add plug-ins as already suggested. The website owners can custom designed the themes if the business requires so which is great so that the right kind of website comes to life. 

Since the .org is owned by the website owners this also means that everything which is a part of the site is also owned by them. The opportunity of running the ads and generate revenue from it is tempting for website owners. It comes as an added advantage to the .org website owners as they do not have to share the revenues with anyone. 

Everything on the website is owned by you which means that the strategic planning of about making the website popular can as easily be owned by you. Think about Google analytics which is one of the most powerful tools to analyze and track the data. 

Since the benefits is on you the responsibility also lies with you. This is something that the website owners of the .org websites should keep in mind. The responsibility of the backup of the data, making updates, using the right hosting everything is the responsibility of the owner and they should take it seriously. 

The users of WordPress must carefully check what they are using before they finalize anything.

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