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Story of 36 year old school teacher from US underwent successful spine surgery at Fortis Hospital

Story of 36 year old school teacher from US underwent successful spine surgery at Fortis Hospital
I am extremely positive about my experience at Fortis hospital. There’s no reason to be living in pain. It is obvious that I made a great decision coming to Fortis hospital in India

I had suffered from the low back and bilateral groin pain for the last three years. My pain in lower back was so severe that I decided to look for a professional hospital abroad. I initially found Fortis hospital in India on the internet, but my search did not stop there. I also spoke to several friends of mine who knew about Fortis hospital and spoke very highly of it. I was looking for something economical and professional Fortis Hospital in India caught my attention. I received an immediate answer from the specialists. Fortis hospital International Patient Coordinator team contacted me. The surgeon read all my examinations and documents, had an online conversation with the patient in order to decide on my correct treatment. The doctor’s examination confirmed the need for immediate surgery. After the contact with the professional staff, and the personal coordination process, I had no doubts to choose Fortis hospital. I then spent some time talking with Surgeon of Fortis hospital on the telephone so that I could address many of the questions that I had. Surgeon and I e-mailed each other many times so that he could assess all of my concerns. When I arrived at Fortis hospital in India, there were patients there from all over the worlds who were anticipating their surgeries. Fortis's reputation goes far beyond Arizona - far beyond the United States.

I know that finding a hospital on the internet seems like a new fangled way of handling things. I would suggest, however, that in this modern age when we bank on line, invest on line, and even attend universities on line, it is consistent that we would find our medical experts this way, as well. There are also web sites on which you can check all hospitals credentials, affiliations and legal status. I went to several of these sites to check out Fortis Hospital in India and received only the greatest feedback.

Though I was scared, Surgeon’s procedure seemed like a very real and hopeful possibility. I realized the option of doing nothing was not an option at all! I made the decision to put myself and my faith in surgeon of Fortis hospital and go ahead with surgery. My spine surgery at Fortis in India was a great success. I had never had surgery in my life I must tell you that the spine surgery at Fortis hospital was soooooooo very easy. I could stand and walk the next day after my surgery. I am fortunate that I heal quickly and that I strictly adhered to surgeon’s post-op, discharge and therapy instructions. I was back to my home to US four days after the surgery. What is the most important thing is, I feel no pain. All in all, my spine problems were solved. Within a week I was completely pain-free with a single prescription of medication. After I healed, I began walking slowly at first, and then working my way up to three miles a day in my neighborhood with my assistance dog at my side. Presently, I am virtually pain-free from my pre-surgical symptoms and as a result, no longer have the need for pain medications. This winter I will be, looking forward to enjoy with my entire family on the holidays.

I cannot say it enough - without Fortis hospital, I would be facing a very different life. A life consumed and riddled with pain, unable to stand or walk. I am extremely positive about my experience at Fortis hospital. There’s no reason to be living in pain. It is obvious that I made a great decision coming to Fortis hospital in India; I was blown away by the level of care that everyone showed me. Surgeon was great, and amazing, all the doctors and nurses were friendly and knowledgeable. Quite simply the best experience I could have hoped for. I cannot recommend Fortis Hospital in India more highly.

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