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The Tremendous Growth Of A Baby During The First Six Months
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The 6 Month Milestones are significant for both the parents and the child. From a mewling kid that remains comfy in the cot for the whole day the little one comes a long way during these six months.

When the baby has reached the age of six months then a lot changes has definitely taken place and the baby is on his/her way to travel around the house. The 6 Month Milestones are significant for both the parents and the child. From a mewling kid that remains comfy in the cot for the whole day the little one comes a long way during these six months. Growth spurts which occur frequently during the first six months at intervals have a positive impact on the child’s growth. The most important task is to ensure that the child is given all the aids and tools for achieving his/her development potential during these months.

The activities that parents should do for aiding growth

The initial six months of the infant’s life is crucial so the parents have to slowly introduce new activities that will positively affect the overall growth of the child. A few of these activities are delineated below:

·         A baby is busy and more than eager to start exploring. In the initial phase the movement is limited but parents can play with their child to ensure that he/she tries to roll over. Turning the kid so that the stomach side is on the floor is a good idea, this is also known as tummy time. However one should always be near the baby and should not keep the child in that position for longer durations initially. This will develop the muscles and the child will get used to this position which in turn will make it easier for the baby to roll over and later to crawl.

·         Independent sitting position can be maintained by the child only if he/she had enough practice and parents can prop up the child will pillows and hold up the hip while keeping the child in a sitting position.

·         Apart from aiding locomotion there are other habits that need to be developed like the ability to hold food and eat. A high chair with a food tray is a good place to start independent eating activity. As a parent one should know that it will be a messy situation when the child tries to eat alone. Only soft fruits without seeds or boiled vegetables should be given. Everything should be pieced so that small bites are given.

·         Signs and symbols can be taught to the baby. Hand movements are especially very prominent and the baby’s mind quickly grasps the meaning of gestures and the kid also imitates those. These signs can later help the child to learn to communicate better.

Understanding the uniqueness of each kid

Kids develop in their own way; many activities that are commonly observed in most kids might not be displayed by some. Hence there is no particular way in which each kid should develop during the first six months of his/her life. However it is always good to have a guideline that will allow the parents to identify the changes with respect to development of the baby but the best guideline is to follow the changes in one’s baby minutely.


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