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The Initiation Of Independent Movements In A Baby
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Many parents wonder about When Do Babies Roll Over, there is no definite answer because each child develops in a singular fashion and might roll over sooner or later.

The kid usually lies on his/her back for the first few months but one can be rest assured that since birth the child is a busy little human being whose actions develop at an exponential speed. From the very beginning the child uses its senses of sight and hearing to behold and understand the wondrous world around him/her. The things observed by the baby play a vital part in the development of memory.

Parents definitely teach their kids many things but when babies are allowed to learn by sensing thing on their own it give them immense happiness. Babies develop very swiftly and very soon from lying on the back they start to extend their hands and roll their body.

Performing the basic movement of rolling over

Many parents wonder about When Do Babies Roll Over, there is no definite answer because each child develops in a singular fashion and might roll over sooner or later. Children generally use a variety of techniques to ensure movement, as parents one should look out for these signs. Before arriving at that phase when the child can support the body weight and move his/her limbs, the little one needs to overcome a few hurdles.  The body weight is the first thing, the fragile muscles of the kid needs to be strong enough to support the weight. Hence a kid should receive proper nourishment so that he/she becomes a healthy baby.

The difficulty in reverse rolling i.e. from front to back

The new born who lies on the back definitely takes time to roll over to one side but it is one of the most wonderful moment when the parent sees that the child has rolled over for the very first time. This action is usually observed in kids who are about four months old. Rolling over one’s stomach is easily accomplished but the reverse action requires stronger muscles, hence rolling over to one’s back is not observed until the kid is about five to six months old. Rolling is an early sign which indicates that the child is beginning to show signs of movement.

Being cautious while urging the child to roll over

Parents apart from taking care of the child can also help the child to maneuver on his/her own. The first rule that one should remember as a parent is safety. If a parent is trying to make the child roll over then it is important to carry out that activity on a plain surface. The floor is a good option but usually it is quite hard for the tender skin of the baby. Hence a mat should be used and the child should be kept on the mat. Playthings or toys can be used so that the child moves to grab those. Initially the child might simply cry out if he/she is unable to hold the toy but instead of giving up and handing over the toy it is better to allow the child to extend his/her hand to grab it. Initially it might take a few attempts to roll to one side but once the child rolls over he/she will easily do it again.


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