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AMBULATORY PHLEBOTOMY Phlebectomy, also called stab phlebectomy, is a procedure to safely remove painful varicose veins in the comfort of your Manhattan vein doctor’s office

The phlebectomy procedure is highly effective for eradicating ropy, bulging veins and veins that suffer due to venous insufficiency. Come see our clinic and meet Dr. Bard the best vein doctor NYC and a leading micro stab phlebectomy specialist in New York.

As you age, or in response to disease or injury, the veins in your legs sometimes develop faulty valves that allow the blood traveling to your heart to leak backward into the surrounding tissue. This causes varicose veinsskin ulcerations and swelling, especially in your ankles. These veins can be unsightly and painful when you’re standing.

Today’s modern medicine has evolved to make this a successful surgical procedure for removing varicose veins. While many nonsurgical procedures exist and should be considered first, phlebectomy has been proven effective, especially when performed by an experienced vein doctor. It’s primarily performed on larger, superficial veins, so it is not useful in every case.



Anyone can develop issues with venous insufficiency, but some individuals have a greater chance of the troubling symptoms and complications that require treatment. These include:

  • Older individuals who have lost the elasticity in their veins
  • A family history of venous insufficiency
  • History of blood clots in your legs
  • Obesity
  • Being female, due to changing progesterone levels
  • Pregnancy
  • Being tall
  • Sitting or standing for long periods of time
  • Smoking
  • Cancer
  • Muscle weakness, trauma or injury

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Phlebectomy, also called stab phlebectomy, is a procedure to safely remove painful varicose veins in the comfort of your Manhattan vein doctor’s office.
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