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Adolescent and adult orthodontics strives to straighten teeth, and in this day and age, that means without metal braces.

Both adults and teens want to achieve the goal of straighter teeth without the social consequences. CitiDental, center of dentistry in Queens, your one-stop dental practice, offers a full range of dental and orthodontic treatments, including clear braces and Invisalign aligner trays.

These days, no one wants to wear metal braces. They’re effective but unsightly. Fortunately, there are new ways to straighten teeth that don’t involve any metal at all. And since you can choose to straighten your teeth at any age, you can choose more discreet options.

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Orthodontic treatments for adolescents are actually easier because their bones and teeth aren’t quite set yet. They’re more easily moved into position. Adult orthodontics is more involved and may take longer, as long as two years, to achieve the desired results.

Adult Orthodontics Delivers Results

As an adult, your orthodontic treatment needs to straighten your teeth while remaining unobtrusive. You have a work life and home life you do not want metal braces to disrupt. But properly aligned teeth offer much greater health benefits than a more attractive smile. These benefits include:

  • Aligning your teeth into a more normal bite, which helps you chew food properly and saves wear and tear on all your teeth
  • Reducing the pressure of your previous bite, which can eliminate any jaw pain you used to feel
  • Protecting your gums and inner cheeks from injury
  • Allowing you to clean your teeth and gums easier and more completely
  • Giving you a boost to your self-esteem and self-confidence

Your CitiDental orthodontist may recommend an orthodontic treatment that aligns your teeth and enhances your overall dental health. And since your Queens family dentistry professionals is also a trained cosmetic dentist, you get results that promote both health and attractiveness.

You Have Orthodontic Choices

Your orthodontic dentist at CitiDental offers several methods of teeth straightening. But discuss them thoroughly before making up your mind, as they may not all be a good fit for your needs, your goals or your budget. Common orthodontic treatment options include:

  • Metal braces. Obviously not your first choice, but this method may work faster and be more effective than other options. The reason is that the metal can handle higher pressures to force your teeth into alignment that much more effectively. But of course, metal braces come with disadvantages as well.
  • Invisalign aligners. These invisible, clear plastic aligners trays are custom-made for your teeth from computer-generated models. You have to wear these trays for 22 hours a day, but you can take them out to eat and brush. And you have to change the trays every few weeks as they gradually move your teeth into position.
  • Clear braces. Unlike metal braces, clear braces are composed of either clear plastic or tooth-colored ceramic. This makes them a lot less visible than their metal counterparts. While they work nearly as well, plastic and ceramic have a much greater tendency to chip or break.
  • Retainers. You may have to wear a retainer after you finish with the braces to keep your teeth properly aligned. Some retainers fit on the back of your teeth so they remain invisible too.

Talk to your Queens dentist about the orthodontic treatment that’s right for you. You may have to consider your budget, too, since your dental insurance may not cover the whole cost. But CitiDental has made a commitment to deliver affordable dentistry whenever possible.

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