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Shoulder injection with ultrasound

Shoulder injection with ultrasound
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Because of the range of motion your shoulder enjoys, the socket in the joint is the shallowest in your body, making it subject to injury. A cortisone injection in the shoulder relieves pain and inflammation. A cortisone injection shoulder is almost as good as new, which is the reason to look into getting a shoulder joint injection when you have joint pain. The effects of a shoulder steroid injection last for months, too. Come to our sports injury clinic to get your pain evaluation and treatment. Meet our shoulder pain doctor Febin Melepura M.D. to get the pain relief you need in the safe, reassuring hands of the best shoulder specialists in NYC.

Shoulder pain and inflammation stops you from doing many things:

  • Playing your favorite sport
  • Working at a physically demanding job
  • Sleeping through the night

It doesn’t matter whether your pain originated from an injury or from a medical condition like arthritis or tendonitis. Your pain and shoulder limitations are real, and you need relief. Consider getting a cortisone injection in the shoulder. If milder treatments like rest, ice and over-the-counter pain medications haven’t helped, a shoulder joint injection may be the next step.

Diagnosis: Pain Relief

Since your shoulder joint is so shallow and yet often carries a heavy load, it’s a joint that takes a lot of wear and tear. As you age, it’s more likely that you’ll have shoulder issues. Some of the injuries and ailments that can plague your shoulders include:

Many of these are serious injuries. Most of them can be treated. But your doctor won’t start off recommending a shoulder steroid injection. Treatment starts with an accurate diagnosis. Your sports and pain physician in New York City gives you a complete physical exam and then takes a full medical history, including how you think you may have hurt your shoulder.

You may need additional tests, such as an x-ray, MRI or CT scan. Your doctor needs to be certain about your diagnosis before committing to a treatment plan. Sometimes, you’ll start with conservative treatment options: rest, ice, physical therapy and over-the-counter pain medicine. But if they don’t help, the next step may be a cortisone injection in the shoulder.


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