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6 Ways to Prevent and Fight Migraines You Should Know
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6 Ways to Prevent and Fight Migraines You Should Know

A headache may seem insignificant in the broad scheme of things, but they  are a serious, often life-threatening problem for migraine patients. We often think of a migraine as merely an extremely bad headache, but it's far more complicated than that.  20 percent of women and 10% of men will suffer from migraines at some point in their lives, and it's critical to educate yourself about the condition.


Learn everything you need to know about migraines, including how they differ from typical headaches, what causes them, the symptoms they cause, and how to prevent and cure them.

Ways to Fight and Prevent Migraines

1. Prioritize your sleep 

While everyone on the planet should prioritize getting a sufficient quantity of quality sleep, migraine sufferers should pay special attention to this. This involves not just avoiding sleeping too little, but also  sleeping too much, as both might cause a migraine. Maintaining tight regularity when it comes to sleep schedule is a vital component in treating headaches for many migraine patients.


It's crucial to get the same amount of sleep each night, but it's even more important that those hours are on the same schedule.

2. Check your hormones regularly

Migraines can be triggered by changes in hormone levels. This is especially problematic for women, as some suffer from migraines during their menstrual cycles, usually two to three days before and after their periods. Hormone-related medications also play an impact.


But what if hormones are the source of the problem? Going off birth control may be the solution for some women. Other women, like as those with PBCS who develop migraines after stopping the pill, may need to take a number of steps to alleviate their symptoms. Multiple elements, such as gut health, detoxification, nutrition, and hormone balance, are frequently required.

3. Consider these supplements 

Painkillers are notorious for having a slew of negative side effects, especially when used at the amount recommended to treat migraines. As a result, natural remedies are crucial.


Magnesium 600 mg taken at the outset of a migraine can help prevent it from getting worse. Magnesium may be especially helpful for women who suffer from migraines throughout their menstrual cycle.


Turmeric has a unique effect on the NFkB pathway, which is involved in the inflammatory aspect of migraines. Unlike magnesium, which can help relieve migraine symptoms straight immediately, turmeric pills may need to be taken on a regular basis to enjoy their anti-inflammatory and migraine-reducing advantages.

4. Avoid migraine trigger foods

Migraine sufferers must exercise caution when it comes to their nutrition. There are no specific foods or drinks that all migraine sufferers find trigger headaches, however there are several foods and drinks that many migraine sufferers find trigger headaches.


Migraines are frequently triggered by both alcohol and coffee. Aged cheeses, salty meals, chocolate, some fruits and nuts, and processed foods, as well as food additives like aspartame and the preservative monosodium glutamate, can all cause migraines (MSG).

5. Avoid fasting

Fasting and skipping meals are two typical migraine triggers. If you have migraines, you should get medical advice before embarking on any type of fasting or intermittent fasting regimen. If you know that going too long without eating causes migraines, keep a few healthy snacks on hand, such as almonds, roasted chickpeas, veggie slices, and fruit.

6. Fight stress with meditation

Stress aggravates almost everything, including migraines. This is not to be confused with regular tension headaches, which are caused by stress.


However, tension isn't the only emotion that can cause a migraine. Anxiety, tension, shock, melancholy, and exhilaration are all prominent emotional migraine triggers.


Meditation can help relieve migraines. Meditation has been demonstrated to lower nervous system tension as well as reactivity to internal and external stimuli. Deep breathing improves oxygen transport to all parts of the body, including the brain.

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