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Top 4 Signs Your Car Is Failing and How to Recognize Them
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Top 4 Signs Your Car Is Failing and How to Recognize Them
Signs Your Car Is Failing

No matter if your car is old, new, or a well-kept and dependable family vehicle, you're likely to experience at least one of these signs over the time you own it.

It's critical not to disregard your car's warning indicators when something is not right. A timely repair, as well as regular maintenance to help avoid these problems in the first place, is a strategy you should choose.


1. Slow acceleration

When your vehicle is abnormally sluggish, you'll always notice it, and it could be for a variety of reasons. It's critical that you use the correct fuel for your vehicle. You may experience poor performance in the short term and powertrain failure in the long run if the fuel you're utilizing has a lower octane grade than suggested by the car's manufacturer.


Dirty air filters and faulty fuel injectors can result in your vehicle becoming slow and may wear out your transmission and powertrain. Inadequate tire pressure causes a tire's rolling resistance to increase, making your car sluggish and the steering less sensitive. To avoid such issues, have your car serviced for repair and diagnosis on a regular basis.


2. Too much smoke from the exhaust

Excess black-smoke emissions should not be overlooked because they can be caused by a variety of factors, some of which are insignificant and others of which are serious reasons to be concerned. Excess smoke from the exhaust can happen in a modern diesel car due to poor fuel combustion caused by faulty exhaust injectors. This issue can also manifest itself in older diesel cars.


In petrol cars, black smoke from the exhaust could indicate that there is too much gasoline in the powertrain. Dirty air cleaners, poor tuning, or failed electrical sensors could all contribute to this. The vehicle's piston rings or cylinder bores may be worn in severe situations, resulting in blue-gray smoke from the exhaust. Take your car to an exhaust repair shop as soon as possible to avoid further damage.


3. Noisy or squeaky brakes

Brakes that work correctly are extremely crucial, but many drivers disregard them. When braking, always give importance to any unusual noises. Some brake pads have microscopic metal tabs that might screech when they're nearly worn out. If you notice this noise in your car, it's a definite indication that the brake pads need to be replaced.


If squealing is caused by worn braking shoes or pads, the drum or rotor may be damaged, which can be costly. Squealing could potentially indicate a problem with your car's drum or rotor surface. Remember that traveling with faulty brakes is prohibited, dangerous, and may cause more damage to your vehicle. For emergency diagnosis and repair, go to an auto repair shop.


4. Difficulty starting

There could be a number of reasons why you turn the key and nothing occurs, or why the starter motor only barely cracks and fails to fire up. It could be due to a faulty dash or cranking illumination caused by an aged battery with loose connections. If the dashboard and cranking lights are normal, and the battery is in good working order, more investigation is required.


Other causes of difficulties starting your automobile include malfunctioning ignition or fuel systems (limited fuel pressure, damaged spark plugs or leads), as well as electrical issues such as blown fuses and failing sensors. To have your automobile checked or towed to an auto repair shop, call roadside assistance.


The bottom line

To avoid the aforementioned issues, make sure your car is regularly maintained and repaired, irrespective of its condition. If your car is having problems, take it to a reliable auto repair shop to figure out what's wrong and how to fix it.

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