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7 Symptoms of Sinus Infection You Need to Know About
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7 Symptoms of Sinus Infection You Need to Know About
Sinus Infection

Sinus infection affects around 31 million people in the United States each year. In most cases, a sinus infection is caused by a virus and usually resolves on its own. Because viral sinusitis is an infection, you should avoid contact with people to prevent spreading it to others.

Besides, a sinus infection can be caused by bacteria and fungi. Because it can be difficult to distinguish sinusitis from a cold or allergy, recognizing the symptoms of a sinus infection can help you choose the most effective treatment plan.

Below are 7 symptoms that can help you distinguish that you have a sinus infection. 

1. Nose discharges

Nasal discharge is the most visible sign of a sinus infection. This symptom is comparable to that of a common cold or the seasonal flu. Your sinus mucus may also leak down the back of your throat (postnasal drip). 

The color of nose discharge may also help you identify if you have a regular cold or a sinus infection. The regular cold frequently results in nasal mucus that is runny and clear or hazy. Sinus infection is frequently accompanied by mucus with a green or yellow tint. It is the result of your immune system fighting the infection by producing more white blood cells.

2. Facial discomfort

Some people think that our sinuses are located only in the nose. But they spread over the entire nasal region, covering the space from the lower forehead to the front of the cheekbones. Because they cover a large region of the face, you may have pain across this area. As mucus builds up in your nasal passages, it can put pressure on surrounding nerves. As a result, you may experience facial discomfort, pressure, or even pain.

3. Nose congestion

Besides experiencing nasal discharges and facial discomfort, your sinuses may be irritated and swollen. When the sinuses are swollen, the mucus cannot drain regularly and will become stuck inside your nose, giving you the sensation of being congested.

4. Decreased senses of smell and taste

We all know that decreased senses of smell and taste are a primary symptom of COVID-19. But sinus infection may cause the same symptom. When your sinuses are congested, breathing via your nose will be difficult, and you won't be able to smell as well as normal. Your taste might also be influenced by a decreased sense of smell. While you should still be able to distinguish between salty and sweet flavors, meals may seem rather tasteless when you have a sinus infection.

5. Bad breath

When you have a sinus infection, bacteria affect the nose and sinuses. Because of congestion, bacteria become trapped in your nasal canals. This can generate  bad breath, also know as halitosis. The fluid from your nose can also go to the back of your throat, creating poor breath.

Sinus infection medications might also lead to bad breath. Certain drugs might reduce saliva production. Saliva helps eliminate bacteria and food particles from your mouth. Because of poor saliva production, bacteria and food particles accumulate in your mouth, resulting in foul breath.

6. Headaches

A sinus infection can produce more than facial discomfort, bad breath, and tooth pain. In some cases, sinusitis can result in a full-fledged headache. Congestion and inflammation can tighten the muscles surrounding your head, resulting in a headache.

7. Fever and fatigue

A fever is a common sign of sinusitis. When your body detects a virus or bacteria, it raises its temperature in an attempt to kill it off. Another indication of sinusitis is a low-grade fever. This is a more prevalent symptom of acute sinusitis rather than a chronic one.


Because of high body temperature, you might also experience fatigue. As your body works to fight off the infection, you may get weary. Constant sinus pressure, a bothersome cough, and dizziness can all contribute to weariness.

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