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Eliran Mor, MD Offers Continuity Care for Prenatal and Neonatal Periods
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Eliran Mor, MD is setting new standards of maternity care by integrating the latest technology in obstetrics treatment.

Encino, CA (December 10, 2021) - Improvements in the field of infant care and obstetrical treatment have significantly reduced the death of mothers and infants. It is regarded as a noticeable achievement of modern civilization that can be presented with pride. Yet there are several unnecessary deaths among babies and their mothers that occur each day.


Conception takes place and the journey of pregnancy begins when the male reproductive cell lines and unites with the reproductive sale of the female. The union typically takes place in one of the canals saw the known as the fallopian tube. It conducts the over from the ovaries to the uterus. At first, there is a single new cell which is followed by the development of more new cells. Next, the cells get broken into different tissues and organs as the growth starts rapidly.


The relative rate of growth is never as fast as during these early months of pregnancy. It takes around 4 months after conception to make a positive diagnosis of pregnancy through ordinary examination. A couple of months before this positive diagnosis of pregnancy are possible with the help of hormone tests. There are certain distinctive signs of pregnancy like morning sickness, enlargement of the abdomen, breast changes, etc. The average duration of pregnancy is around 280 days but there is no proven way of detecting the exact they of a baby's arrival.


As soon as a woman is suspected of the possibility of pregnancy they should consult a doctor to be assured of the condition. Child-rearing is a natural process but pregnancy can quickly turn serious the abnormal without proper medical guidance. Couples should be aware of physiologic changes that take place during pregnancy. They should also be aware of possible complications of pregnancy like recurrent vomiting, disturbances in vision, vaginal bleeding, pain in the abdomen, etc. Therefore it is always essential to consult with a reputed obstetrician and gynecologist like Eliran Mor with the onset of pregnancy.


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Dr. Eliran Mor
16550 Ventura Blvd
Suite 400
Encino, CA 91436

PHONE-(818) 907-1571



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