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How to Stop Windows Security Sign-in Pop-ups?
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How to Stop Windows Security Sign-in Pop-ups?
In this blog, you will find some troubleshooting ways to solve the issue of ‘Windows security sign in pop up‘ in Windows 10.

Windows 10 is considered one of the most secure Windows iteration to date. The default login page has a user name and password options that are mandatory to be filled as login details to access your system. But this Windows Security pop-up can block connections between your system and WiFi networks if you don’t use such credentials. This security pop-up can cause several other problems, as well. Try to identify the cause of your problem and then start the proper troubleshooting methods to solve your problem. In this blog, you will find some troubleshooting ways to solve the issue of ‘Windows security sign in pop up‘ in Windows 10.


Methods to Stop Windows Security pop-ups in Windows 10

If you are dealing with any Windows security popup messages, then, first of all, close all the browsers opened on your PC and remove the popup as soon as possible. You can apply any of the following methods mentioned below to remove the Microsoft Windows security warning popup from your system if Windows 10 won’t boot.


1.    Turn off password protected sharing option.

There might be various reasons that are responsible for such an unpleasant issue on your system. One of the most common problems is HomeGroup sharing. If your multiple PCs are connected using HomeGroup sharing, it is generally advised to disable the password protection option.


2.    Reset the Browser Settings

If your system shows any Windows Security pop-up message, resetting your browser settings to their original defaults can also help you resolve such issues. Resetting your browser settings will help you remove unwanted changes that are generally found while installing other programs. It should be recorded that there will be no effect on history and passwords saved on your browser. 


3.    Check Credential Manager

Removing some inputs from the credential manager can also help you to stop windows security sign-in pop-ups as wrong credentials input can also cause Windows Security pop-up issues to occur frequently.


Once done with the above steps, restart your system and check whether the changes have been saved. In this blog, you got to know many different ways by which you can disable windows security popup that won’t just go away.

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