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Five Most Powerful Monsters in Monster Hunter: World
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Five Most Powerful Monsters in Monster Hunter: World
Prepare to face the five most powerful monsters in Monster Hunter: World including the last update for the Iceborne Expansion.

Capcom wraps up Monster Hunter: World with its last major update for the Iceborne Expansion with the reintroduction of Fatalis, the first end-game monster of the series. The fans have already made a list on who they think is the most powerful monster in the game based on the lore. 


Arch-Tempered Velkhana

Velkhana is an impressive elder dragon who fights the hunter with poise and grace rather than brute force or sheer power that the others are known for. Its strikes are precise and all of its actions are tactical. Hunters need to master at least one weapon type if they wish to match the Arch-Tempered Velkhana’s prowess. When enraged, its frost breath can inflict heavy damage or apply ice blight to its survivors.


Arch-Tempered Ruiner Nergigante

The Arch-Tempered Ruiner Nergigante is the ultimate test to a player’s mastery of the Monster Hunter: World gameplay mechanics. What it lacks in grace that the Velkhana is known for it makes up for in unparalleled brutality as its entire existence revolves around slaying other elder dragons. The Ruiner Nergigante can turn a hunt into a massacre if even one member in the party has not mastered the Monster Hunter: World gameplay.



Safi’Jiiva is the original end-game monster from the Iceborne Expansion. This red dragon is the cause for the imbalance that threatens the New World as it drains the continent’s energy and uses it to wreak havoc. It is massive and it can generate energy blasts that can knockout everything exposed to its radiance in one shot. The only way to defeat it is to let it consume all the power that it can take from its nest until there is nothing left.



Although the Safi’jiiva is four times its size, it is no match against the Blazing Black Dragon. All elder dragons are classified for ushering a great calamity but the Alatreon is the incarnation of disaster. It switches between four elements in the middle of combat: fire, ice, thunder, and water, forcing hunters to invest in gears with high resistances. On top of that, its ultimate move named the ‘Escaton Judgement’ can engulf an entire area with a powerful persisting wave of elemental damage.



The Safi’Jiiva may be impressive for a siege monster and the Alatreon impresses the world with its mastery of the elements but none can rival the original Black Dragon. Miraboreasu is the end-game monster of the first Monster Hunter title and it appeared seldomly throughout the series. 

Many hunters have moved on to a new installment without ever facing it. It has the most powerful series of dragon and fire attacks and it has an unparalleled muscle strength. Fans of the franchise have collectively agreed that the Miraboreasu is the most powerful monster in the franchise’s lore. Such a title is perfectly displayed with the Monster Hunter: World gameplay.

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