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Emcodex Releases New Animated NFT Lottery Titled "Shiba Survived #Blackwednesday"
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In an exciting move, this decentralized exchange commemorates this legendary rare item of Shiba the dog surviving the Black Wednesday.

NEWSDESK (June 3th, 2021) - Popular decentralized exchange platform EMCODEX has launched a new picture for NFT — Shiba Survived #BlackWednesday. This rare picture of a Shiba Inu dog surviving the #BlackWednesday is a rare item of possession. According to the rightful owners, "Only one piece of Shiba Survived #BlackWednesday animated NFT will ever be minted and since it is exclusive and time limited, we implore people to participate in the NFT lottery". According to further reports, close to 8000 people have already participated in the NFT auction with thousands more expected to join in soon. 

The Shiba Survived #BlackWednesday NFT Lottery is powered by EMCODEX. It is a decentralized exchange focusing on all kinds of products and emerging, up and coming product commodities. What is special about EMCODEX is that any person is permitted to list and standardize a new commodity without having the need of certification, permission or clearance from any central authority or any person in the higher echelons of company power. EMCODEX allows on its platform a fully and completely decentralized trading of all kinds of standard products and raw materials and various commodities, eg, agricultural products, gold, silver and diamond. 

"In a relatively short time, EMCODEX has built for itself a strong reputation for backing products like ours. We're very glad to be associated with EMCODEX and so happy with the response we have been receiving for Shiba Survived #BlackWednesday Animated NFT Lottery! Only one piece of legendary NFT will be minted and the winner will be contacted at the legitimate contact details that they have furnished. Participate in the lottery and get a chance to win the famous Shiba Survived #BlackWednesday Animated NFT!", said the owners of Shiba Survived product. 


Shiba Survived #Blackwednesday Is a Rare and Legendary Product Whose Only-One-Ever Animated NFT Has Now Been Put On Auction. 

For more information, please visit & 


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