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Introducing CoinWind: Smart Yield Optimizer on BSC and HECO
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Introducing CoinWind: Smart Yield Optimizer on BSC and HECO
Currently supported on HECO and BSC, CoinWind is a smart yield farming platform that automatically matches pledged tokens to maximize all user revenues.

Currently supported on HECO (Huobi Eco-Chain) and BSC (Binance Smart Chain), CoinWind is a smart yield farming platform that automatically matches pledged tokens to maximize all user revenues.

In the increasingly competitive landscape of DeFi (decentralized finance) yield farming, CoinWind effectively solves issues of both low revenues from single-token mining and high risks from impermanent losses on LP (liquidity pool) mining. Currently the TVL (Total Volume Locked) on the platform is an impressive USD 2.69 Billion.

A Smart Decentralized Finance Management Platform

Positioned as a smart decentralized finance management platform and not simply an aggregator tool, CoinWind focuses on optimizing users’ yields.

The high-yield, safe and reliable platform places tokens deposited by users into the different pools, and mobilizes funds from certain token pools to participate in different liquidity minings, all according to a combination of project selection and mining strategies.

At the same time, this is combined with token price hedging strategies to mitigate impermanent loss in liquidity mining so as to ensure the safety of funds.

The aim is to maximize the rate of returns for users while reducing unpredictable losses.

High Yield Products: Single-Token and LP Farms

Currently launched on HECO and BSC, CoinWind plans to integrate other chains such as ETH and OKT in the future.

According to Musk, Head of CoinWind Community, CoinWind’s competitive edge is in offering low user thresholds and maintaining high yields that work together to attract liquidity providers. In the Chinese DeFi space, the platform is one of the most popular in terms of single-token mining.

Professional project selections include screening audited, popular and relatively stable projects, combined with mining strategies to optimally match up with high-yield pools for highest profit returns as well as hedging strategies to reduce impermanent losses, a frequent concern in yield farming.

CoinWind offers both Single-token (or Single-Asset) mining and LP (liquidity pool) mining opportunities, offering attractive APY (annual percentage yield) with flexible staking.

For single-token mining opportunities, there are currently 16 tokens on HECO and 14 on BSC. Some APY highlights would include MDX token (208.99% on HECO and 305.67% on BSC), USDT (30.08% on HECO and 35.37% on BSC), DOGE (44.85% on HECO), HUSD (33.87% on HECO), UNI (31.44% on HECO), HDMX (140.23% on BSC), BUSD (44.27% on BSC) and WBNB (37.57% on BSC), amongst many others.

For liquidity pool mining opportunities, there are currently 15 pairs on HECO and 15 pairs on BSC. Some APY highlights would include MDX-USDT (215.38% on HECO and 278.73% on BSC), MDX-WHT (207.72% on HECO), MDX-WBNB (376.08% on BSC), MDX-BUSD (402.76% on BSC), MDX-HBTC (191.33% on HECO), MDX-BTCB  (341.53% on BSC), WBNB-USDT (74.79% on BSC) and MDX-ETH (232.58% on HECO), amongst many others.

Automatically Reinvests Profits

CoinWind also does not let the income generated in the LP pool lie idle. Every 5 - 10 minutes, it automatically reinvests the profits into high-yield projects and this process is continuously repeated so that incomes are efficiently used to generate optimal profits and it also saves time for the user who would otherwise have to manually process this.

As of this writing, total user revenues have reached USD 85,578,977.14.

Strong Growth Potential MDX Token as Target Value

CoinWind currently uses the MDX token as the target value, a nod to MDEX, the largest platform on HECO and performing well in the competitive BSC environment. The leading DEX (decentralized exchange) implements a unique strategy of dual mining, combining liquidity and transaction mining. This has led to an explosive growth in its platform trading volumes.

Recognizing the stellar performance and strong growth potential of the MDEX platform, CoinWind’s utilization of the MDX token as a core value of exchange on its platform is yet another astute move.

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