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Prenatal Massage Posture
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Women are often on guard when it comes to pregnancy-related symptoms. Sure, they can expect occasional problems

Women are often on guard when it comes to pregnancy-related symptoms. Sure, they can expect occasional problems with morning sickness, but other than that, they believe they will get through the process unscathed.

It turns out that pregnancy can bring many unexpected symptoms ranging from dizziness to heartburn. Also, since many medications are not recommended while a woman is pregnant, there don't seem to be many ways to get relief. Body Massage in Deira


Low back pain is often reported during pregnancy and can make tasks like sleeping and moving around the house almost impossible. Doctors have a variety of recommendations for low back pain, from exercise to improving sleeping posture.

However, patients may have only mild to moderate success in relieving pain. Online research has led many people to explore massage therapy. While you may want to know where to buy a discounted Hitachi magic wand massager for home treatment, you may get more benefit from the services of a professional.


Although in many cases massage is considered the safest form of treatment for muscle tension and the like, it can be dangerous in situations where a patient is pregnant. Fortunately, you can obtain the services of a trained prenatal massage therapist to deal with the obstacles associated with pregnancy.


Despite the reassuring comments you may have read in the Hitachi wand massager reviews she has found online, it is best to spend your money on a prenatal masseuse who fully appreciates the risk of massage therapy during pregnancy.


One of the most important parts of a safe prenatal massage is posture. Your masseuse will determine how you should position yourself based on the stage of pregnancy you are currently in. Beyond the first trimester, it is no longer safe to massage a pregnant woman's tummy. Pregnancy symptoms, such as breast tenderness, can even act as a barrier during the first trimester, but this can usually be offset with the help of special pillows.


During the second trimester, it can be risky to place a pregnant patient in the traditional way, as this puts excessive pressure on some of the ligaments in the uterus. Massage tables are often cut in the center to accept the uterus, but again, the weight of the baby combined with the added pressure of the massage itself can have a disastrous result.

Rather, massages in the second trimester should be done with the patient lying on their back against a pillow to support sensitive areas. The nerves and veins in the back can be susceptible to compression, causing dizziness or lightheadedness. If you experience any of these symptoms, be sure to inform your masseuse. Spa in Deira


During the last trimester, the patient should be treated lying on her side or in an upright position supported by pillows. This will allow deep tissue stimulation without straining the muscles or ligaments. We recommend that you take the time to find a provider who is knowledgeable about prenatal massage therapy to ensure that she has an enjoyable experience.

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