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Ready to Disrupt The Music Industry, OTGBANKROLL ROO is An Emerging Rapper
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Ready to Disrupt The Music Industry, OTGBANKROLL ROO is An Emerging Rapper
The rap industry has been facing a lack of talent and an excess of repetitive style forms. OTGBANKROLL ROO is on a mission to bring a change within the rap music industry.

Rap is such a genre of music that requires a lot of talent and a strong grip on vocal expertise. OTGBANKROLL ROO, an upcoming, emerging talent has embarked on a journey to create new rap music that will bring a positive change to the music and rap industry. He is a rapper who holds expertise in songwriting, song creation and music production. With his new and innovative style of songs and music, the rap industry will see a new face and a fresh talent.

Bryant Borne, better known as OTGBANKROLL ROO, has been writing and singing songs since his childhood. He used to write song lyrics at a young age and then perform these lyrics in front of friends and family. Following the appreciation that he would receive from his audience, OTGBANKROLL ROO was motivated to put in an even higher amount of effort.

Ever since he was a child, he was always interested in rap. Taking inspiration from some of the most famous and successful names in the rap industry, he wanted to create his songs as well. He gained inspiration and motivation from Eminem, Tupac, Biggie Smalls and other such accomplished names. And now, he has done it. Following his passion and dream, he has risen and created versatile new music. His music is a reflection of his talent, clean, versatile, and engaging.

Since the start of his music and rap career, OTGBANKROLL ROO started out creating covers of his favorite songs. These mixed songs received a lot of attention, appreciation and thumbs up from his friends, family and fans. One of his noteworthy mix covers includes the song of Eminem, The Way I Am. This mix cover instantly became a success and helped him get acknowledged as an emerging rapper of the new era.

Always focusing on creating unique and special music, OTGBANKROLL ROO has recently dropped a new single. The song, titled “Noddin Out”, has been made with the collaboration of 23rd Ace, who is yet another talented artist. This song, Noddin Out, has been created with a zing to it. The special rap style by OTGBANKROLL ROO makes this song truly engaging and worth listening to. Another special single by OTGBANKROLL ROO is titled "Like a Man". This song is a combination of bling beats, genius lyrics, and catchy tunes.

What makes OTGBANKROLL ROO so special, is his energy, passion and dedication towards music. It is a fact that if a person does something out of his heart and with a unique drive to it, success reaches out to him. Such is the case with OTGBANKROLL ROO. His creation, his songs, are a reflection of what he does the best.

Amplifying the rap industry with his vocals and lyrics, OTGBANKROLL ROO stays determined to spread his talent all over the world. Aside from writing the songs and rapping, OTGBANKROLL ROO is also a seasoned Sound Engineer, who owns his studio to record his songs. With his talent and versatile skills, OTGBANKROLL ROO develops his unique sounds and blazing beats for his music. His music and catchy tunes always bring pleasure to the listeners; his rap beats have them vibing along with the song.

OTGBANKROLL ROO, with his success story, is an inspiration for struggling artists. He urges people to come out and bring forth their talents and share them with the world. OTGBANKROLL ROO says: “Success is not a switch that can be turned on anytime to get instant fame and appraisal. It is a lifelong process, it needs consistent effort, dedication and hard work. Only after putting in a significant amount of working hours and after failing multiple times, can a person reach ultimate success.”

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