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How to fix the Hp laptop battery not charging when plugged in

How to fix the Hp laptop battery not charging when plugged in
A laptop uses the same battery to power both the AC adapter and the display monitor. The laptop battery uses the main power source to keep it running even when the power is turned off.

HP batteries are one of the most beloved products of HP. You would surely like to have a system that is fully functional and does not require frequent replacement or recharge. Well, if you own an HP laptop then you must be experiencing the same problem i.e. How to fix an HP battery not charging when plugged in?

Well, this can be caused by two reasons. The first reason can be due to the battery life of your battery which might be less than the expected period or it may be dead. If this is the case then the only solution would be to charge the battery fully and if possible also replace the battery with the new one so that it serves you properly.

For solving this problem, you must go through laptop power management options available on your laptop. You can select some of the software that offers the best battery life and also helps in improving the performance of your laptop. There are some of the software available which manage the power usage of the laptop automatically. You need to install the software for this purpose and it is available free of cost.

Secondly, there is another reason which causes your battery to not charge slowly. This can be attributed to the slow performance of your computer. The performance of your computer may have been affected due to many reasons like software updates, virus attacks, malware, etc. If you follow the steps mentioned in this article, it will certainly improve the performance of your laptop. When your laptop battery is not charging at all, then you have to revert to the power management options on your laptop.

One of the ways you can find out whether your battery is functioning properly or not is to make use of the UPS or the Uninterrupted Power Supply system in your laptop. The UPS is a constant supply of power to your laptop from an external unit. If the battery is functioning properly, then there will be a constant flow of electricity from the UPS to the battery. If your battery not charging, then this can be because of a dead cell in your battery or a short circuit. Whatever be the reason for not being able to charge your battery, you can learn how to fix an hp laptop battery not charging when you follow the above steps.

The best way to learn how to fix an hp laptop battery not charging when you are not at home is to download the free UPS battery monitor software from the internet. This software will monitor the battery condition of your laptop and will charge your battery if your battery is not functioning properly. In case, if your battery is not working properly, then it will automatically charge it for you and thus you do not have to worry about learning how to fix a hp laptop battery not charging when you are not at home. You just need this simple software and the time to check the battery's condition.

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