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Radon Testing and the Radon Reduction System
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Have adequate glazing. These simple steps will ensure that a Radon Real Estate purchase and/or renovation are made with safety and comfort in mind.

Radon Real Estate Brighton CO is a process designed to protect residents of homes and buildings from the detrimental effects of Radon gas. Radon is an invisible, odorless gas that can be found in every corner of the earth. It seeps into the earth through soil and also through the air that we breathe and can stay in our bodies for decades. Because of this, Radon gas can cause a wide variety of ailments, including lung cancer, colon cancer, and other problems.

When Radon is discovered within a home or building, the owner immediately has to make sure that the level is under control. This is done by having a Radon test performed. A Radon test is performed on a monthly basis. There are many kits that can be used for the Radon test that will easily measure the Radon level in your home or building. Once the Radon level is measured in your home, you can call a mitigation specialist to come out and test the home or building. If the radon gas is found to be above the safety level for your home, then a Radon mitigation system will need to be installed.

Before the Radon mitigation system is installed, it is tested to ensure that it is functioning properly. A Radon test is performed on a monthly basis. The kits that are used for the Radon test have been specifically made for use in the home inspection industry. They have been specifically engineered to give results fast and accurate. These kits work with detectors that are built to identify radon; it is this specific test that tells the detector what type of radon is present in a home or building.

During the first visit to a Radon Inspectors, the inspector will take his time to carefully go through the house or building. He will start at the lowest level in the home and follow it up with a high level of radon, if necessary. Once he has found the lowest level of radon, he will perform a non-invasive Radon test. This non-invasive test measures the amount of radiation that has been absorbed by the home. Once he has determined the lowest radon level he is able to calculate the required Radon Reduction factor.

Most counties require that the lowest level is tested, because it is the level where indoor air pollution becomes dangerous. Therefore, it becomes very important that this level be tested and that it is measured. This ensures that the buyer may find a solution to their problem and that the Radon mitigation system will work properly. In most counties, there is a minimum requirement of Radon Reduction factors that must be met. For example, a high level of Radon release may be grounds for a higher deductible. There may also be additional requirements such as the use of an air quality monitor to determine if the home meets the required Radon Reduction factor.

A Radon Inspector will perform an initial visit to the property to determine the Radon Level. The inspector will also test the soil around the building to make sure there are no other issues that can contribute to the Radon Level being elevated. If there are elevated radon levels, then the inspector will go to great lengths to try and control the Radon Level. Radon Inspectors will use a variety of methods, from air sampling and soil testing, to various forms of sealing materials or barriers. Most Inspectors will use Radon Reduction factors to calculate the amount of radon that needs to be reduced in order to meet safe indoor air quality standards.

After the initial visit, if the inspector determines that radon levels have been established, then the buyer may be required to have a Radon Reduction Factor performed. The Radon Reduction Factor is a mathematical method of determining how much radon a home should be sealed off at a given level of radon. This factor is used to establish what the new levels of radon need to be before they can be safely rated for occupancy. Usually, homes with a high radon level will be rated as high risk. There are specific procedures that must be followed when homes are re-rated for safety purposes.

It is important to note that if there are radon leaks present, they must be repaired or else the new Radon Reduction System will not be sufficient to reduce the Radon Level in the home. It is also very important to repair or replace basement windows as soon as possible, because leaks often begin at basement window opening. If any basement windows are broken, they must be replaced with new windows that have adequate glazing. These simple steps will ensure that a Radon Real Estate purchase and/or renovation are made with safety and comfort in mind.

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