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A Quick Step by Step Guide For PSD to Shopify Conversion
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You can choose the right Shopify website development company to create an unrivaled eCommerce store for your business.

Today, surviving in this highly competitive world is almost impossible for a business without having a robust website. Hence websites have become crucial for businesses these days. By using these websites, businesses can reach a large audience and sell their products on a large scale. Thanks to numerous web development platforms like Shopify, creating eCommerce websites is very easy. You can develop a full-fledged eCommerce website conveniently on Shopify. PSD to Shopify conversion has become a popular choice for businesses to create customized eCommerce websites. Here we will look at the simple steps to transform PSD files into a Shopify website. 

Analyze your PSD file 

Undeniably, it is a crucial step in the Photoshop documents to Shopify theme conversion process. Under this first step, you need to deeply analyze your PSD to clearly understand what needs to be created dynamically and what is the static content. You will need to slice the PSD accordingly and create individual files for each design element. However, you need to remember that slicing has to be done for those elements that cannot be created dynamically like images because dynamic content can be created using HTML and CSS so they don’t require slicing.   

Slice the PSD files

After properly analyzing your PSD, the next step is to cut it as per your requirements. You can utilize any image editing tool like Adobe Photoshop for slicing. No matter what image editing tool you choose, the main point is that you have to cut it into pixel-perfect images. However, Photoshop comes with many excellent features so using it can be more beneficial for you, so we recommend using it for slicing the images. Using this tool, you can easily create pixel-perfect images by taking advantage of its Photoshop Slice Tool.  

Find and install a theme

The next step is to find a theme and install it on your Shopify website. So, browse the Shopify marketplace and choose a template then install it. Look for a template that is close to your PSD design. Once you have the right Shopify theme you can go for the PSD to Shopify process. Remember when installing the theme you need to choose the option: publish as my Shop’s theme. 

Perform the customizations to match PSD

After installing the template, the next step is to customize this template to match your Photoshop documents. You can take advantage of the customization tools in Shopify to tailor your website as per your requirements. If you are not experienced, you can go through a PSD to Shopify guide or hire a Shopify developer to convert your PSD to an attractive website. There are plenty of developers who can help develop your website and create an outstanding eCommerce store for your business.  

Add custom functionality

Besides creating a custom website theme based on your PSD, the developer will also help to integrate the custom functionalities that you require in your website. The developer can help to integrate the right extensions and implement the perfect features in your website that fulfill all your requirements. 

Final note 

Businesses are investing in websites to enhance their extent and to deliver greater services to their customers. Nowadays converting PSD to Shopify has become a popular way to build engaging and customized websites for businesses. Shopify is an excellent platform for developing top-notch websites. It comes with outstanding features and an easy interface to create a website. 

Anyone can build a decent website by using Shopify even without knowing to code. Within a few clicks, a full-fledged website can be developed with Shopify. You can choose the right Shopify website development company to create an unrivaled eCommerce store for your business. This platform will let you create high-grade websites with attractive functionalities.

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