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Why WordPress Is A Better Option Than Blogger?
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Why WordPress Is A Better Option Than Blogger?
Every new webmaster wants to know what is the easiest way to start a blog. Most people are confused when analyzing the costs and benefits of a blog platform such as Blogger or WordPress.

This article explains why WordPress will be our recommendation and how it has a clear edge over blogger.

Open Source.

WordPress is an open source platform. Blogger is proprietary service from Google, just like Gmail. Pamungkas control lies on Google and Google can decide on a blogger connection or stop the service anytime. We will definitely be more comfortable with WordPress, especially if blogs for business. This gives us more certainty and is less dependent on others.


Blogger is hosted for free by Google, therefore you don't need to buy your own hosting space. also offers the same service, where your WordPress site is hosted on a server for free. But the most important part of WordPress is that it is also available for hosting itself. This means that you can benefit from all WordPress features, without depending on other hosting servers. You can choose your own hosting service and install WordPress instantly.


Blogger does not clearly mention the space limit, therefore from the best guess we can assume that there is no limit on textual content. However, the image is limited to 1 GB. After that, the Blogger provisions state:

"Number of images: up to 1 GB of total storage, shared with Picasa web. If you have updated it to Google+, your photos will be saved in Google+ photos, where you have a 15GB storage room that is shared with Gmail and drive."

This means you also depend on Google+ and must have a Google+ account also to increase storage space. This may not be too fun for people who avoid social networking platforms. WordPress has no known limits and depends on the hosting resources that you choose i.e. Bandwidth, disk space etc. Read more and get to know about managed wordpress hosting.


The main advantage of WordPress is that it is an open source. WordPress open source properties allow it to be integrated with various plugins, extensions, and templates made, maintained and managed by the open source community. While the downside of this system includes inconsistencies and unreliable, pro exceeds cons. Furthermore, bloggers do not allow FTP access, but the WordPress website hosted itself allows you to have full access to each file in your blog backend.

In short, bloggers might make you rank better on Google because it becomes a service owned by Google, however, WordPress allows you more flexibility and more professional blogging experiences. You might want to weigh the pros and cons of both systems and analyze which options are in accordance with your budget and resources.

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