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Award-Winning Composer and Pianist Karen Salicath Jamali Releases Her New Album, 'Sounds of Angels'
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Award-Winning Composer and Pianist Karen Salicath Jamali Releases Her New Album,
Award-winning composer, pianist, and professional American artist Karen Salicath Jamali recently came out with her new album, Sound of Angel, a compilation of 14 tracks

New York, NY, Dec 23, 2020 -- Award-winning composer, pianist, and professional American artist Karen Salicath Jamali recently came out with her new album, Sound of Angel, a compilation of 14 tracks that redefine contemporary classical verses in a beautiful course of cascading melodies.

The new album, Sound of Angel was made in collaboration with the label Orpheus Classical. The album is written, composed, and performed by the artist herself and brims with clarity and musical glory of contemporary classical music’s extensive coverage. The album is recorded on a Steinway grand that resonates a streaming flow of tranquility and gratification. Songs from the album like ‘Capriccio’, ‘In Water’, ‘Praise’, ‘Before’, and ‘Omni’ promote a sense of psychological and soulful relaxation through their acoustic riffs and arrangements. The audience is carried into the transcendence of hope and inspiration with the album acting as a medium of closure for all.

Karen Salicath Jamali’s piano compositions are meditative that lingers in one’s creative space till the end of time. She creates a certain dreamscape through her melodic themes that range between the absolutes of musical and creative versatility. The artist’s musical stream is a plunge into the spirituality of not just classical music but also opens the windows to new opportunities in the backdrop of contemporary dynamics. The vision and exemplary samples aim at defining metaphysical lines of understanding of the human soul that is emotional, practical, and mentally captivating. It is as if she creates a spiritual phenomenon that validates human existence and its evolution into the unknown space of inner meaning, understanding, and contemplation.

The album, Sound of Angel consists of piano samples that protrude as an extension of her personality and medium of comprehension. As an artist, she is expressive and uninhibited as she weaves a thematic saga through melodies, riffs, chords, and a production skill that speaks yore of and today. All the songs from the album create a blissful reminiscence for the audience that pushes them further towards a direction of mental and soulful clarity. Her compositions are a confluence of worldly and unworldly elements that surpasses the existence of materialistic being. The artist herself found her own identity and individuality through her music that is subtle yet extensive in its technical formatting.

The album Sound of Angels will be played on Radios worldwide on Dec.18, 2020. She also has her next solo piano concert in Carnegie Hall on Sunday, June 20, 2021, between 8 PM and 10:30 PM at the event, American Protégé Summer Gala Concert at Carnegie Hall, Stern Auditorium. She will be exclusively performing the composition ‘Angel Blue’ from the new album.

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