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Sister Wives Offers Insight To Dating During A Pandemic
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Sister Wives Offers Insight To Dating During A Pandemic
Popular polygamy dating website gives the pros and cons of choosing a polygamous lifestyle

Holiday Island, Arkansas- December 21, 2020-Monogamy isn’t for everyone. For those that have found no success in traditional methods of courtship, they may have thought about what it would be like to dive into a polygamous lifestyle. In today’s world, finding love with more than one person can have its fair share of perks. Sister Wives sheds some insight into why choosing polygamy could lead towards a path of happiness—especially during times of crisis like a pandemic.


Firstly, what exactly is polygamy? Polygamy means loving more than one. Polygamy traditionally aligns with faith-based beliefs such as Mormans. Next, there is polyamory. This could be loving more than one of the same sex or opposite, groups, couples, and more. Lastly, there is polyandry, which means loving more than one man.


While these aren’t the traditional views of loving just one person, whether that be same-sex or opposite, many find that living a polyamorous lifestyle to be more fulfilling. “Men and women no longer like the idea of having a single partner for life, and in such circumstances, they turn their attention towards polygamy dating. This does not mean that they do not value commitment; it just means that they are aware of the fact that their needs can be met by multiple partners, and this is wonderful,” said Sister Wives on individuals finding greater fulfillment in less traditional relationship settings.


But are there other upsides than just finding love with more than one person? During times like these, with a pandemic on the tips of everyone’s tongue, many things have changed. More people are out of work, and even more, are struggling financially. In this case, finding love and support can make a massive difference in the quality of life, not just for one but for all. Sister Wives noted, “Poly groups and families are often quite fortunate to have multiple lines of income. This provides them with more freedoms, as well as less stress during difficult economic times, such as the COVID-19 pandemic”.


Housing is one of the largest expenses for families, couples, or individuals. When the cost is shared, or all the responsibility is off one person, the stress levels are typically reduced. With relationships involving more than two people, the shared space and expenses can open up more possibilities, including saving during a time when most find it challenging to manage.


When raising children, having more hands can always be a blessing. In traditional settings, such as having a mom and dad, usually, both parents are exhausted. When there is added help, the workload is distributed. This allows for more downtime to relax and regroup. Many couples that choose polygamy find that child-raising is far more comfortable with another person for support.


The pandemic can feel frightening to some, create undue stress for others. When surrounded by love and support, it can make the situation not so bad. Whether choosing to live together or apart, there are undoubtedly many emotional, physical, and financial benefits to polygamy, polyandry, and polyamory lifestyles.


For those who are curious about living a polyamorous lifestyle and right for them, the first step is finding other like-minded individuals. Sister Wives is dedicated to matching individuals and couples with others that will complete their relationships. For instance, if a couple is looking to add a sister wife, a third member, to their family, they can browse through an extensive list of people looking for the same. Their dating site features free access with optional VIP access for even more benefits.


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