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6 Important Health Indicators You Should Monitor Regularly

6 Important Health Indicators You Should Monitor Regularly
Maintaining your health means more than visiting your doctor for regular health checkups. It requires monitoring your key health indicators on your own.

1. Shape and color of your moles

The more moles you have, the higher is the risk of developing a malignant tumor in one of them. Pay attention to changes in the color, shape and size of your moles. You should be wary if you have a sore that does not heal for three weeks or constantly itches, crusts or bleeds. Immediately contact a dermatologist if you notice something like this.



Cholesterol is necessary for the creation of body cells and other important processes. But in large amounts, it can be dangerous. Artery plaques can begin to form on the walls of your arteries, which can lead to atherosclerosis. Your organs and tissues will not receive enough blood and will lack nutrition and oxygen. This can lead to the most unpleasant consequences.  A blood clot can form in a narrowed vessel and lead to completely blocked blood flow. This can cause a stroke and lead to a fatal outcome. Take a test once a year to check your cholesterol level. And if it’s too high consult with your doctor about high cholesterol treatment. The specialist will prescribe your medications and will help to develop a healthy lifestyle.   


3. Condition of the breasts

This is important for women, they should examine themselves once a month. All mammary glands have a slightly bumpy structure due to the unique location of adipose and fibrous tissue.  Cancer is more difficult to detect in women with unevenly dense breasts. Try to examine yourself and pay attention to lumps and visual changes (color, shape, pits on the skin, nipple discharge). If the breast tissue has changed, remember the phase of the menstrual cycle and the specific area on the breast where something seemed strange to you. Keep observing over the course of the next few weeks. If you notice rapid changes (skin redness, the appearance of ulcers, changes in nipple) contact a doctor immediately.


Breast cancer is rare in men, so there’s no need to examine yourself so often. If you notice the signs described above (pits on the skin, persistent redness, lumps, nipple discharge) contact a specialist to undergo an examination.


4. Blood sugar level

Elevated blood sugar can cause an inflammatory process in the body and damages the blood vessel. This can lead to cardiovascular diseases and other health problems. Check your blood sugar level once a year if you are exposed to risk factors (age over 45, sedentary lifestyle, overweight, cases of diabetes or hypertension in relatives). If not - once every three years.


5. The level of thyroid hormones

They affect many body functions, including metabolism. Low thyroid hormones level can cause various unpleasant symptoms like weight loss difficulties, loss of strength, clouded consciousness, memory loss and chills. Low levels of these hormones are associated with the risk of cardiovascular disease. You should check your blood sugar level once a year to prevent the development of dangerous diseases.


6. Triglyceride level

This is the third factor to consider when tracking your risk of developing heart disease. Triglycerides, like "bad" cholesterol, are associated with the risk of arterial plaques and the development of atherosclerosis. So take regular tests and consult your doctor. Most people are advised to do this once every five years, but if you or your relatives have diabetes or heart problems, check this indicator more often.


The bottom line 

Tracking the signs that your body gives you is extremely important to stay on top of your health. Make sure to follow this advice and always consult the doctor if you have any symptoms that make you worried about your health. 

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