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Guide to 4 Beautiful National Parks near Sydney Australia

Guide to 4 Beautiful National Parks near Sydney Australia
These parks offer a retreat from the tiring city life. After more than 8 months indoors, you will benefit from stepping into these parks and letting Mother Nature heal your body and mind.

As you all know, the first case of coronavirus infection in Australia was confirmed on January 25 of this year. What followed was a strict protocol to ensure social distancing practices. All non-essential services were stopped to control the spread of the virus. 

Now more than 8 months into this crisis, most of us have been indoor throughout this time. Work-related stress, depression, and anxiety have got a hold over many of us. As a Latin phrase says, “A healthy mind in a healthy body,” and being close to nature can help us gain

Luckily, Sydney is surrounded by about 400 parks. It is a playground for nature lovers. More than that, it can provide a much-needed escape from the work from home mode. Here we will guide you to 4 beautiful national parks near Sydney. Let’s have a look, shall we?

1.     Blue Mountains National Park

The Blue Mountains National Park, in the west of Sydney, is spread across 141,000 hectares of beautiful mountains. This park is divided into 6 areas; each with their own beauty.

·         Nature and Climate

Blue Mountain National Park is a World Heritage site. It takes about 90 minutes to reach the park if you drive from the main Sydney area. The park has deep caves, bushlands, forests, high cliffs, and historic sites.

Temperature is 10°C lower as compared to the coast. It can also get colder at night. Although the temperature is low in this area, you will hardly see it snow here. We recommend carrying some warm clothes, just to be careful.

·         Things to Do

One of the most beautiful landmarks in Katoomba is the Three Sisters. Millions of people visit the ancient rocks every year. It looks amazing in the day and spectacular under the night sky.

The Blue Mountains drive leads to several picnic spots. You can check out great hiking and biking trails. But avoid taking your muddy shoes on the carpet back home. You may end up spending a few dollars on carpet cleaning. 

It also has beautiful camping spots like Euroka, Murphy’s Glen, and Ingar. You can enjoy a bonfire and play dumb charades. But you need a permit to set up camp there and also pay a fee.  Remember, you must book your place with 2 weeks in advance. 

2.   Royal National Park 

The Royal National Park is located about 19 miles south of the CBD of Sydney. Situated near Cronulla, the Royal National Park can be reached in about an hour. It has all sorts of fun activities for anyone with a day to spare.

·         Nature and Climate

The Royal National Park has a coastal strip, cliffs, isolated beaches, and a forest of eucalyptus trees. It also has beautiful river valleys that run through the area. The terrain is made up of sandstone mixed up with shale at some places.

The temperature never exceeds 30°C here, with January being the hottest and July the coldest.  It is also why this region gets a lot of rainfall. The best time to go there is in the summer season. It’s moderate enough to have a fun and adventurous day.

·         Things to Do

The Royal National Park is a heaven for anyone tired of the humdrum of urban life. You can ride through a ferry service, which takes 20 minutes to reach Bundeena. The park also has a walking track, Uloola Track, from where you can view a waterfall as well.

Go through the Palm Jungle, and you’ll find a magnificent place for hiking on rocks.  It’s called the loop track and covers rainforest, cliffs, and beaches.

If you are into swimming or enjoying the beach, we suggest Wattamolla.

3.   Sydney Harbor National Park

Not many people realize that the famous and magnificent Sydney Harbor is actually a National Park. Developed in 1975, it protects the landforms in the Sydney Harbor area.  It hosts islands, bay areas, walking trails, and a few historical sites.

·         Nature and Climate

            The Sydney Harbor National Park is spread across 392 hectares of beaches, picnic places, and the heritage of the colonial age. It also has sites of Aboriginal history.  The best time is the summer season, as the temperature doesn’t rise above 30°C.

·         Things to Do

One of the best things about this park is its unseen beaches. This offers you complete privacy with your friends and family. The park has a 5.5 km long walking trail that lies in between Rose Bay and Rushcutters Bay.

Greycliffe House, constructed in the 1850s, Fort Denison both are places of military importance. You’ll find in the Watsons Bay area a lighthouse built in the late 1850s. To its east, you can have an amazing view of the Pacific Ocean. 

4.      The Lane Cove National Park

The Lane Cove National Park is a 372 hectare protected park within Sydney. It has an amazing range of flora and fauna.  The park offers a complete escape from city life. One of the best things about this park is that it lives and breathes right in the midst of the city’s hectic life.

·         Nature and Climate

Most of the park is covered in heavy bushes. It has picnic areas and walking trails along the Lane Cove River. The park also has forests of eucalyptus trees that include wetlands and woodlands.

·         Things to Do

It is a perfect spot for a family picnic. The walking trails offer a calm experience along Lane Cove River. You may put aside a day or the whole weekend to fully enjoy this park.

It hosts a couple of playgrounds for children, camping spots for both beginners and experts. You can also enjoy boating at a dedicated boat shed. You can get rowboats, canoes, or pedal boats for that purpose. 


These parks offer a retreat from the tiring city life. After more than 8 months indoors, you will benefit from stepping into these parks and letting Mother Nature heal your body and mind. As things normalize and tourism comes back to Sydney, we will see a large number of people turning to national parks.


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