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Golden Way Media Films' New Thriller "Mortal Prey" Finalized To Be On the Cards
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"Mortal Prey" the movie will be unlike anything the viewers have ever seen, said people familiar with the script.

LONDON (November 24th, 2020) - Action and thriller have for long kept us engrossed for as long as anybody can remember or document. A good crime thriller keeps the audience on the palms of its hands. Enthralling them with the Wow Factor and keeping them guessing in every scene and every act are the hallmarks of a such crime thriller made with intelligence and cinematic wisdom, which mind you, not a lot of people possess. But Golden Way Media Films has always, and continues to, work with just such intelligent people that have the great potential to be the kind of cinema that people never forget. A horror based crime thriller so riveting that people will remember forever what they saw - when they had their hearts in their mouth. 

Say Hello to "Mortal Prey". Another jewel to the list of Maria Johnsen's movies that will soon go on the floors and a major theatrical release. It is a gripping story that will regale you with a sanity-draining eldritch monster of a serial killer who deceptively draws two foreign exchange students in their compelling youth to a deep, dark forest. In this belly of the infamous Jekyll forest, that adorns its namesake Island - The Jekyll Island, lies a monster that none of them are prepared to face. A monster so evil and so hell-bent on satisfying its fantasies that they will need all the courage and power in the world and beyond to come out alive of this precarious predicament. Will they be able to come out in one piece or will they too eventually fall victims to the most dreadful being straight from the deepest trenches of the netherworld. When you find out, you will never be the same again. 

"Mortal Prey the movie is Golden Way Media Films' most daring project to date. Everyone knows the horror genre has largely fallen out of favour because of its predictability and, therefore, sticks to the tried and tested formulae of demons and exorcism. With the eccentricity and cinematic brilliance of Maria Johnsen, Mortal Prey will not only break the monotony but also redraw and lead on the path to success in the horror and crime thriller genre. Mortal Prey will not only be an excellent addition to Maria Johnsen's movies but also in the greatest directorial works in world cinema", said a producer at Golden Way Media Films. 

About Golden Way Media Films:

Golden Way Media Films is a film production house that offer TV series, short films and feature films production for movie production companies and private sectors. 

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Phone Number: +44 7379924116 

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