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Regimental Combat Team - Back Adjustment Calamity
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After all, the success of an exercise and the success of the nation depends on the regiment of men that make up the Regimental Combat Team.

The United States Military Academy at West Point is home to an important military branch known as the Army's Regimental Combat Team (RCT), Chiropractic Care Arvada CO which consists of all the combat units from the two National Guard Units and one Army Reserve Unit. All are members of the RCT. Each unit has a platoon leader who leads the platoon.

One of the RCT's main duties is to do a Back Adjustment training exercise at some point during the year. In this series of exercises, each combat member was to be assigned a specific soldier to help them adjust to civilian life while taking part in simulated combat drills.

The most recent of these drills was conducted in August of 2020, when several members of the Regimental Combat Team were assigned to Cameron County and also went by the name of Warminster CO. But a series of accidents occurred involving a member of the RCT while they were being trained for their Exercise. The casualty suffered a concussion and a broken leg and was unable to attend his own Exercise.

As you can imagine, any back injury can be very frustrating, but it was even more frustrating when you had already scheduled your next Back Adjustment with this particular unit. While the accidents were both very unfortunate, there was still much cause for concern about how the accidents would affect the overall success of the exercise.

What I found was that the errors and mistakes made during the testing and training of the group impacted on the entire exercise. There were some signs that had been present since the formation of the Regimental Combat Team. This is very important to understand because if these errors and mistakes are not addressed early on then they will cause problems that will negatively impact the entire exercise.

I will give you a good overview of what these errors and mistakes are. However, I am leaving out details and knowing these things would only serve to confuse and aggravate you so I will give you just a summary.

There were several members of the RCT that had good jobs, went to school, could not afford to make mistakes and could handle stress. So it makes sense that there would be very few errors made while they were handling the paperwork needs. Unfortunately, as you can imagine, this is not always the case.

An incident came up in a couple of weeks of the formation of the Regimental Combat Team. This is not the whole story, but it was one of the events that caused the error. While many people can understand the importance of this event, there were some who felt that a mistake had been made. Another mistake occurred while working out and a teammate received a concussion after running into the wall and breaking his leg.

In addition to the mistakes that I have described above, the lack of leadership within the Regimental Combat Team itself contributed to many mistakes being made. So, when you consider that the Regimental Combat Team is now responsible for correcting these mistakes there is a real need to address the issue and restore some of the trust and confidence that has been lost.

That was the main reason why the Army brought in another team to handle the monitoring of the team and put their own leadership skills and abilities to work and make corrections. But this too was an issue as the new team members did not see eye to eye and conflicts arose.

This did not take away from the success of the exercise, as all team members handled the situation professionally and appropriately and came up with the correct actions. There were also other issues as well. But the fact that each individual member did their best was a great sign of the overall effectiveness of the team.

This will ensure that the smooth transition of the team and its members is smooth. After all, the success of an exercise and the success of the nation depends on the regiment of men that make up the Regimental Combat Team.


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