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Cleaning Up Lead Paint is Not Easy
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If you are in a situation where you are thinking about cleaning up lead paint, give your local contractor a call.

Lead paint is a very dangerous form Mold Removal San Francisco CA of paint to use. Lead paint can make you sick and eventually cause death. The federal government's Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA, has put an injunction on the use of lead-based paints in order to protect everyone from potentially deadly exposures.

It is possible to use lead free paint, but if you live in San Francisco or Oakland CA, chances are that you are still having problems with lead poisoning. The San Francisco Chronicle did a survey of homes in the city and found that almost a quarter of them were contaminated with lead.

Some of these were residential homes while some were commercial buildings. San Francisco's residential homes are at a higher risk, as they tend to be less well maintained.

Residential properties in San Francisco are also made up of many older homes than the average home in Oakland. It would be much easier for someone to get a lead paint job on a home made out of lead, but newer, more expensive homes do not have that option.

Older homes in Oakland are harder to clean up once they have been damaged by lead. The pollution from the older homes is too great and there just aren't enough professionals available to handle the cleanup in time. Although the price of lead paint removal can be quite high, it is worth it.

Homes in San Francisco are even more at risk. If the former owner of the home used lead-based paint and moved, the homeowner may not have removed all of the lead that was in the home. This leaves a great deal of lead in the home.

The homes in Oakland CA have to go through a different lead removal process than San Francisco. They have to be removed as soon as they become contaminated. Once these homes have been removed, they must be completely cleaned of lead and other toxins, including asbestos.

Another problem in Oakland is that lead paint has to be removed and tested before it can be allowed to go into a housing project for the poor. The state of California has to approve every testing kit used in housing projects, and the EPA can take months to approve a sample, if they approve it at all.

The EPA does a lot of testing, and the San Francisco Bay Area is an industrial center. Houses in Oakland often have low lead levels.

Many homes in Oakland will test lead poisoning to prove that they don't have any lead poisoning and they won't take money for putting lead testing kits in their houses. In order to remove lead, the homes have to be taken apart and cleaned using the proper equipment.

Because of the costs involved in lead removal in San Francisco, many homeowners take out a loan and use a qualified contractor to do the work. But, unless you have a house that is fully built, and off the ground, you can't do the removal yourself.

Lead removal is not an easy process, but it is important to ensure that your family is protected and has the opportunity to have their health and well being respected. If you are in a situation where you are thinking about cleaning up lead paint, give your local contractor a call.


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