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Social Security Disability Attorney Opens Office in Harrison Arkansas

Social Security Disability Attorney Opens Office in Harrison Arkansas
Krebs Law Firm opens Harrison Arkansas office providing Social Security Disability representation

Harrison, AR – May 26, 2020 –Social Security Attorney Jason Krebs recently opened an office in Harrison, Arkansas.  Their office is conveniently located near the Social Security office.  Anyone who has gone through the process of filing for disability on their own knows how complicated the process can be. 


Your success rate is much higher when you have an experienced disability attorney on your side. Complications can arise during the process of filing for disability on your own because of overlooking everything that is needed to file for Social Security disability. 


The Krebs Law Firm is more than just another Social Security attorney’s office. They take the time to make sure their clients understand the process. The Krebs Law Firm is dedicated to working hard for their clients who can no longer work for themselves.


The Krebs Law Firm has earned the respect of judges in the area. Several have made statements that they have never seen lawyers before that were so prepared when they entered the courtroom.  Their clients go into the courtroom knowing what to expect.


The Krebs Law Firm is selective when choosing clients. This is because of the amount of time and effort that goes into each case. They carefully choose clients who clearly deserve Social Security benefits. 


The Krebs Law Firm conducts hours of research, reads many pages of medical records, and takes their time to find everything that is needed before appearing in front of the judge. 


This preparation process ensures that all medical records have been reviewed thoroughly. It helps identify details that can be critical to showing the impact the client’s problems are having on their ability to function and be employed. Their clients are given a copy of this research, so they have proof of the work that was done in preparation for their disability case.


The worst feeling in the world is walking into a courtroom and meeting your attorney for the first time.  With The Krebs Law Firm, this is not the case. Their hands-on approach ensures their clients not only know what to expect, but how to answer questions. 


Discussing health problems, private information, and disabling conditions can be overwhelming and difficult if you prepare on your own. By discussing these problems ahead of time, The Krebs Law Firm helps ensure their clients can talk confidently when sitting in front of the judge. 


The Krebs Law Firm helps their clients prepare for their case by pointing out things the judge will be looking for. Their attorneys do their homework and expect their clients to do the same when deciding to apply for Social Security. 


If a Social Security case has been lost, it can be appealed, but time is of the essence. The appeals process can be harder to get approved. Choosing the right disability law firm from the beginning increases your chances of winning the case. There are no attorney fees unless they win your case.


Attorney Jason Krebs was personally asked to take on clients from an attorney appointed as a Social Security Disability Judge. Call for a free initial consultation about your disability case.


If you would like more information about the Social Security disability application process or the appeals process, please request one of their FREE ebook reports by visiting their website at


The Krebs Law Firm now has a convenient location near the Social Security office in Harrison, Arkansas. Call them today at (870) 741-8100, email them at or visit their website at to learn more about filing for Social Security disability benefits.

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