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Why Should You be Finalizing a Central Air Conditioning Installation in Queens for Your Home
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Why Should You be Finalizing a Central Air Conditioning Installation in Queens for Your Home
If you are considering installing a central air conditioning unit, then know why this can be a good consideration.

When it comes to installing a new ac unit, and if you are thinking to go for a central air conditioning installation in queens, then you might need to be sure of your choice. It is not only because you are choosing a central air conditioning installation in Staten Island, but that is applicable for just any ac unit you pick. The ac unit should fit your house, the need, or else you might be putting a lot of money in something that is not going to work for you.

A central ac unit is a real nice piece of equipment, and it can keep your house cool and comfortable. It produces cool air at a central location and then spreads it across the different rooms through fans and ductwork. The compressor has to work fine to produce the right amount of cooling.

Central air conditioning installation in Staten Island & Queens

There are two types of central air conditioners that one can invest in. They are the Packaged air conditioners, and the Split air conditioners.

Packaged Central AC Units

In this kind of ac unit, the condenser, compressor and the evaporator are all packaged in a single cabinet. The installation is on the roof. Air supply and return ducts come from indoors through the roof or the exterior wall of the house, and connected to the packaged unit located outdoors. A packaged central ac unit has a natural gas furnace or electric heating coils.

Split Central AC Units

In a split ac unit, the indoor unit houses the evaporator. The compressor and the condenser are placed in an outdoor metal cabinet. In many models, there is often air handlers or furnace in the indoor cabinet. The evaporator coil of the indoor unit is installed either in the cabinet, or the primary supply duct of the heating unit (furnace or heat pump).

Whichever kind you choose to install in your home, you can be assured that there are a lot of benefits that you can reap from central air conditioning installation in Queens.

What are the advantages of installing a central ac unit

Following are some of the benefits that you can look forward to if you are considering installing a central ac unit:

Noiseless and space saving

If you are looking for a quite ac, then central ac units are a good choice. They are noiseless, and since the installation is outdoors, it helps in saving valuable space as well.


A packaged central ac unit houses both an ac unit as well as a furnace. So, a single unit can take care of both your heating and cooling requirements.

Great indoor air quality

Central ac units are known to circulate filtered air using the ductwork in one’s house, thereby guaranteeing a more purified indoor air quality. With the indoor air clean and pure, it is going to be good for those who are suffering from allergies.

Investing in a central ac unit is a great idea if you are planning to stay in the same house for a good number of years. After all, it is a worthy investment, and you should be the one to reap benefits of the same.

Author Bio: Simone Arnica over 35 years, experienced HVAC expert from Arnica Heating and Air Conditioning Inc. Also a writer with years of experience writing on various topics regarding HVAC services. His recent article is a good read on the advantages of installing a central air conditioning installation in Queens.

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