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Why Gucci Bags Make Valuable Investments
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Why Gucci Bags Make Valuable Investments
A beautiful handbag can be the perfect accessory to your favorite outfit. Gucci is known for its style and classic designs. Make an investment and look chic for years with a Gucci bag.

Over the past years, there have been big changes at the Gucci fashion house. New management transformed them into one of the most popular design brands around. Gucci bags are the perfect accessory to their gorgeous shoes and chic clothes. Investing in a Gucci bag makes sense and here are several reasons why you should take the leap. 

The History of Gucci

Gucci has a deep and rich heritage beginning in 1921. Founder Guccio Gucci took inspiration from the British tourists he met and combined his Italian craftsmanship with their aesthetics. He opened a shop and sold his leather goods made with classic detailing and high quality, adding the famous GG logo to the canvas and as buckles.

The Designs Are Art

Gucci bags are immediately recognizable because of their flamboyant designs that are a bit quirky, brightly colored, and very Italian. The design house uses prints, patches, bows, and animal images. You'll see classically shaped bags but with a jeweled snake as a clasp. They always make a statement and turn a lot of heads.

A Great Value

If you want to bring home that brown leather Gucci bag, you'll need to pay quite a bit for it – as with most designer items. But you get a lot in return for it as well. A real Gucci bag has great resale value. As soon as you feel less than thrilled with your bag, consider selling it.

Thanks to the Millennial generation, vintage Gucci is always on its way up. Its signature red and dark green stripes and ageless luxury may fluctuate in popularity from time to time… but a classic is a classic, plain and simple.

As designer bags go, Gucci ranks right up there behind Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Louboutin, and others. Be careful though, this may not be true with all Gucci bags, so choose wisely.

Many Choices

Speaking of choosing – Gucci has a huge assortment of bags with each style available in many colors, color combinations, and multiple sizes from very small to oversized. There is something that will work for everyone. However, that can make choosing just one even more difficult.

Beautiful Craftsmanship

Gucci founded a brand in which, throughout the past 97 years, little has changed regarding the beautiful Italian craftsmanship. The bags are still made by hand and attention is paid to every detail, taking up to 13 hours to create each one. This is what makes Gucci stand out among a sea of hand bags. One Gucci bag is worth a dozen other average purses.

To maintain the high value of a Gucci bag, choose a favorite style and a classic version. If you are considering reselling in the future, remember that a bag in black leather will always remain more valuable than something in velvet or printed.

Showplace Antique & Design Center has not only Gucci, but Dolce and Gabbana, Hermes, Chanel, and other desirable bags and purses. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at NY Showplace.

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