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A Drug Sales Agent Perspective

Comes down the pipeline. Pharma Sales reps tend to be involved in cutting-edge marketing, however

Being a pharmaceutical sales representative is quite different from being a good Pharma Business Manager. Pharma Business Managers is responsible for all the sales aspects of the pharmaceuticals business, including business development, marketing, sales and product management. Pharma Sales representatives are more focused on the price per dosage, the profit margin and the marketing aspects of the sales force.

The differences between the two careers have not been made lightly or without thought. Business Management should incorporate more aspects of science than a purely empirical approach to business planning. Pharmaceutical Sales should be more scientific than simply pricing and marketing. This is what pharmaceutical Business Management is about.

There are several advantages to being a Pharmaceutical Sales professional and this article will look at a few of them. For example, the pharmaceutical industry is a relatively small industry, so there is less competition compared to say automotive. As such, there is less pressure for Pharma Business Management graduates to succeed as Pharma Sales Representatives and will likely pay much higher salaries.

While it is true that there is less competition in Pharmaceutical Sales, the market is highly competitive. There are some disadvantages with Pharma Business Management graduates because they will need to work with higher pressures in pharmaceutical sales.

The advancement of Pharmacy Practices is accelerating, but there is a lot of room for improvement. New Cures can only be found by making their way into a scientific laboratory, and those scientific findings are only accessible after they have been reviewed by numerous independent panels. Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives is in a great position to advocate for such cures, since they are just plain exposed to the latest medical research.

Pharmaceutical Sales is needing to distribute medications to the masses. Pharma Business Management graduates are asked to handle the paperwork, shipping, shelf space, deliveries and return of unused or unsold drugs. Marketing is not as big of a responsibility, and Pharma Business Management graduates can focus more on discovering new therapies and their price point.

By nature, Pharma Sales is scientific, and not as much psychology. Pharma Business Management graduates are asked to work with other Human Resources staff members. These are things like recruiting, scheduling and management of the pharmaceutical sales force. Since Pharmaceutical Sales representatives get more hands on with working people, they need to be able to make a difference with people in their organization.

Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives has access to many more products than Pharma Business Management graduates, and they make use of these products by providing information to doctors and patients. Pharma Business Management graduates are asked to take a more hands off approach to selling by spreading the word about new medicines and creating new business opportunities. Pharmaceutical Sales representatives get more freedom to sell and can be open about the health benefits of certain drugs.

Pharmaceutical Sales representatives tend to be involved in a greater variety of business. Pharma Business Management graduates have to deal with the logistics of marketing and selling, while Pharma Sales agents have a broader selection of products to sell. Pharma Business Management graduates get more freedom in their positions by dealing with the business aspects of the sales force, whereas Pharma Sales representatives are more tightly bound to selling.

Pharmaceutical Sales representatives are in a great position to influence new medicines to improve quality and cure diseases, which is the main purpose of Pharmaceutical Sales in the first place. Pharma Business Management graduates have to sit back and listen to whatever comes down the pipeline. Pharma Sales reps tend to be involved in cutting-edge marketing, however.

Pharma Business Management graduates can be promoted over Pharma Sales representatives once they have proven themselves in the marketplace. They have more freedom to explore new markets and create a client base. Pharma Business Management graduates have to be proactive when it comes to delivering better service and more efficient service.

As Pharma Business Management graduates look to Pharmaceutical Sales Representative careers, they need to be a little more aggressive in their approaches. They should always think ahead and prepare themselves for unexpected opportunities. There is no reason to feel inhibited with pharmaceutical Business Management graduates.

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