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Leather Slippers for Men-The Easy Way to Dress Elegant:
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Leather Slippers for Men-The Easy Way to Dress Elegant:
Slippers are our day to day preference that one can wear when at home or is out for shopping grocery or other household items.

Slippers are our day to day preference that one can wear when at home or is out for shopping grocery or other household items. However, leather slippers have changed how we see chappals for men as. Now, these leather footwear for men aren’t just the regular and roughly used footwear, they have become a styling icon that can be worn on all occasions including the traditional occasions.

So what makes leather slippers a widely preferred choice when it comes to leather footwear for men. Here we will be discussing the same where I will further tell you how you are missing on an astounding pair of footwear if your wardrobe still doesn’t feature one:

Features of an elegant pair of chappals for men:

Versatility and Styling:

If you have ever owned a pair of leather slippers, you know how versatile they are and go perfectly well with a pair of denim as well as kurta pajamas. When dressing up traditionally, the best pair of slippers one can buy is a pair of peshawari sandals.

Owning these splendid pieces of hand craftsmanship, you not only get style but also the option to dress differently according to the occasion. 

High Durability:

There is no question when it comes to the durability of leather footwear. No other product used in footwear is as durable as leather. Leather slippers don’t tend to lose their shape and structure as they have high resistance against wear and tear and can survive in all environments, be it the hot weather or be it the cold and snowy weather. Leather slippers may be costlier than the regular rubber slippers but the high durability they offer is the best ROIone can get on a fine pair of footwear.

Water Resistance:

Waxed leather chappals for men are water resistant and can survive the day to day activities that involve coming in contact with water. However, leather does require care and proper time to let any moisture present on the surface to dry up.


Leather slippers are pretty comfortable as compared to the normal slippers and also provide strength to the feet while walking or working because of the better grip it has to offer.

Easy Maintenance:

All that leather footwears ask for is frequent polishing, to be placed in a shoe tree and allowing them the time to let go of any moisture that is on the surface. A little care for these magnificent pairs of chappals for men can guarantee a long-term relationship with your sole-mate without the need to find a new one.

Easy to carry (light-weight):

The best that these leather slippers have to offer is a style that is easy to carry and flaunt, owing to their light-weight. Owning a pair of leather slippers is the perfect and easiest way to carry elegance.

Leather breathes:

Not exactly but yes leather does allow easy passage of air that keeps any sort of smell or other moisture related issues at bay. Since leather breathes, it doesn’t allow the sole to get slippery due to sweat or any other reason and further provides the perfect grip to your feet.


I hope I have managed to convince you why leather slippers are a must-have and need to be part of every men’s wardrobe. So if you ever thought of buying a fascinating pair of chappals for men, now is the time to add these beauties to your footwear collection.

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