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How Much Does On-Demand Logistics App Development Costs
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How Much Does On-Demand Logistics App Development Costs
The cost of logistics mobile app development relies on a number of factors. Take them into account before hiring expert AngularJS web development services.

The world has changed a great deal, hasn’t it? 

Gone are those days when standing in long queues used to be the norm, whether you want to send a parcel or place an order. With the evolution and up-gradation of technology, you can do anything with a single click on your smartphone’s screen. The emergence of new technology and tools has made development a cakewalk but also removed the pain of monitoring all the logistics and transportation operations - all the time.

So, how have we come this long way? The answer is simple. No wonder the fusion of the transportation and logistics industry excelled by the mobile app development domain would amount to this evolution. 

Just think of all these mobile applications perform a whole lot of tasks in a single-handed manner and efficiently. Let’s check out those features that make them so great. 

Don’t worry. Cost is indeed a crucial factor, and, commonly, people would check on their budget before developing an on-demand logistics app. But before getting straight into the answer, a little detour won’t be too painstaking.

Let’s get ready to check out the current condition of the market and analyze how much it is going to pay off if you invest in logistics app development. 

Transport and Logistics Industry Market Statistics: 

According to MarketWatch, the global logistics market is expected to witness a staggering growth of $287.1 million between the years 2020 to 2024. This almost mimics the increasing CAGR of 5%. The year-over-year growth rate is estimated to be 4.13% by the end of the forecast period. On top of that, this CAGR is deemed the highest during 2019-2023. 

A report by Transparency Market Research predicts that the logistics industry is going to achieve $15.5 trillion by the year 2023 - something that hints at the bright future of on-demand logistics app development. More so, the latest analysis of the transport and logistics industry stats reveals that 35% of market share is held by logistics/trucking. 

Technology Stack Used for Logistics App:

The toughest part of developing a logistics mobile app is determining which tools are essential and will deliver impeccable results.

Some of the most common programming languages used by many mobile developers include Swift, Java, CSS, Bootstrap, etc. These are essential for creating robust Frontend development. Whereas, for backend development, languages like Javascript, AngularJS, Ruby, and Python with their powerful mobile development frameworks are used. 

Speaking of a database, Mail Chip Integration, HBase, and MongoDB are essential. At the same time, Google, Azure, and similar technologies are employed for Cloud facility, as for application and data, development tools such as AngularJS, JQuery, and Groovy are used. 

Now that we have almost covered crucial aspects surrounding the logistics industry and app development let’s dive down to business - getting the answer to the cost to build logistic apps. For comprehensive logistics app development, hire dedicated AngularJS developers

What Does the Logistics App Development Cost? 

The ultimate cost depends on the factors related to the on-demand logistics app development process of the application. Let’s check out:

  • Backend and Frontend development
  • Choice of the tech stack 
  • Type of application
  • Platform (Android or iOS)
  • Development Team Size
  • Location of the Company

Now comes the most-awaited part. The estimated cost of logistics mobile app development can range between USD 70k to USD 80k. Find AngularJS web development services immediately and have you built. The emergence of numerous types of on-demand logistics applications will take the logistics industry to a new height.

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