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Top 9 Things You Should Know About Liver Cancer In India

Top 9 Things You Should Know About Liver Cancer In India
The diagnosis for liver cancer treatment in India depends on several factors such as the extent of the cancer of the liver

What is Liver Cancer?

Liver cancer is cancer that starts in your liver cells. The liver is around the sized organ that lies in the upper right portion of your uterus, under your diaphragm, and above your stomach. The liver contains bile, a material that helps you to digest fats, vitamins and other nutrients. This vital organ also retains carbohydrates like glucose, and you remain nourished at times when you don’t consume it. This breaks down drugs and toxins too. Once cancer occurs in the liver, this breaks down the liver cells and interferes with the liver’s ability to function normally.

Who is at risk for liver cancer?

Although the exact cause of liver cancer may not be determined, many factors may increase the risk of developing the disease. Because no commonly accepted standardized screening tests have been developed for liver cancer, people with a family history of the disease or other risk factors can have a risk for liver cancer. Certain measures they should take to track or reduce their risk.

Can Liver cancer be prevented? 

By reducing sensitivity to known risk factors for this disease, may liver cancer could be avoided.

  • Treat diseases that increase the risk of liver cancer: - Some inherited diseases can cause liver cirrhosis, raising a person’s risk of liver cancer. The early detection and treatment of these diseases could reduce this risk.
  • Limit exposure to chemicals which cause cancer: - Changing the way in which certain grains are processed in tropical and subtropical countries may reduce exposure to cancer-causing substances like aflatoxins.
  • Get to and stay in good health: - Another way to help protect liver cancer could be to prevent obesity. People who are obese are more likely to experience fatty liver disease and diabetes, both of which have been linked with liver cancer.

Are there screening tests for liver cancer?

Yes, if you are at higher risk, an ultrasound scan is usually performed every 6 months to test for development in your liver. You may also have blood tests for ATP (alpha-fetoprotein), which may be elevated with HCC in some cases. Other tests include Biopsy, Lab tests, other blood tests, Angiography and computed tomography.

What are the symptoms of liver cancer?

In the early stages of primary liver cancer, most people lack signs and symptoms. The following are certain signs of liver cancer:

  • Yellow skin discoloration and the whites of your eyes.
  • Bruising or bleeding easily.
  • General weakness and fatigue.
  • Bile duct obstruction.
  • Abdominal discomfort and tenderness.

How is liver cancer diagnosed?

Doctors use numerous tests to detect cancer or treat it. Researches also do tests to determine if cancer has spread from where it originated to another part of the body. Following are the tests used to diagnose liver cancer treatment in India:

  • Blood tests: - Blood tests may show abnormalities in liver function.
  • Imaging Tests: - It includes ultrasound, CT and MRI.
  • Examine liver tissue sample: - To make a definite liver cancer, it is sometimes necessary to remove a piece of liver tissue for laboratory testing.

How is liver cancer treated?

The only way to improve the chances of recovery for people with treatable early-stage liver cancer treatment in India is through surgery that completely removes the tumors.

  1. Partial hepatectomy: - When the tumor is small and occupies a tiny portion of the liver, a surgeon can only extract that part of the organ to stop the growth and spread of cancer.
  2. Incurable Tumor: - Advanced liver cancer has an exceedingly low survival rate even where it has spread to other areas of the body. Following are the treatment options:
  • Ablative therapy: - A surgeon may use radio waves, electromagnetic waves, and heat, or alcohol directly on a tumor to shrink or prevent it from growing.
  • Radiation therapy: - A cancer care team aims radiation at the tumor or tumors and kills a large number of them.
  • Chemotherapy: - To kill cancer cells, a medical team injects medications into the bloodstream or into a major blood vessel in the liver.

What are the treatment side effects?

The side effects of liver cancer treatment differ. Your body needs some time to heal. You will initially get pain or discomfort and medication to control the pain.

What is the success rate of treatment?

The diagnosis for liver cancer treatment in India depends on several factors such as the extent of the cancer of the liver, the number of lesions, and the risk of spreading beyond the liver, the health of the underlying liver tissue and the general health of the patient. The survival rate depends on various factors like the level of disease. The five-year survival rate for 44% of people diagnosed early is 31%.

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