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Whether you’re buying or selling, securing a realistic valuation of a business is the most important first step in the process. Miller & Company LLP, NY Certified Public Accountants

There are several valid reasons for Business Valuation or wanting to know the monetary value of a business:

  • You started it from scratch — investing your own time and resources into the business — and now you want to measure how far you’ve come.
  • You plan on acquiring a business, and you need to know how much it’s worth before you make an offer.
  • You have a business you’ve built up over the years, and one of your retirement plans is to sell the business to fund your retirement.
  • You’ve bought a business to sell it, and after stabilizing its operations, you want to see if your efforts have paid off so you can sell it.
  • You’ve already sold off part of the business, and you’d like to know what the rest is worth.

Business valuation gives you an accurate view of the value of a business. A New York business valuation expert, who can be an experienced small business accountant, follows a set of business appraisal procedures to determine the worth of the business. While this may sound simple, getting a precise business valuation in NYC requires practice and preparation. Miller & Company’s business evaluation services in NYC and Queens provide valuations you can trust.


The value of a business can vary because there’s no single way to determine the worth of a business. An investor may see the value of the business by only its past income and potential for future income, while another business owner may see value in the business through the goods or services it provides to the community. Furthermore, the economy can influence how you view the worth of the business. For example, a bad job market may drive up the selling price because there’s more competition in the marketplace.

How a business is sold can also affect its value too. If it’s sold through a quick sale of assets at an auction (that is, in a “fire sale”), the value of the company can drop to cents on the dollar. Some businesses are worth more than the sum of its parts; some are worth less. If a business is sold on the open market after an intensive marketing effort to attract potential buyers, it can actually sell for more than its valuation.


Business worth is the price the business is expected to sell for. The actual price can vary depending on who does the business appraisal and other factors. For example, if you want to purchase the business immediately because it fulfills certain lifestyle goals, you may be willing to pay more than someone who wants a revenue stream at the most affordable price.

There are three basic ways to determine the value of a business. Each has advantages and disadvantages:

  1. Market Approach
  2. Asset Approach
  3. Income Approach

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