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Chemical-Free Cleaning

Chemical-Free Cleaning
Countless people on this earth use soaps, body washes, and other body cleansing products regularly. These products do clean our bodies effectively but chemicals used in them are harmful to the skin.

Countless people on this earth use soaps, body washes, and other body cleansing products regularly. These products do clean our bodies effectively but the chemicals used in them are harmful to the skin. Prolonged use of such products might result in skin itchiness, rashes, dry skin, and many other skin diseases especially if a person has sensitive skin.

As a result, people around the globe have started replacing these products with natural body cleansing products. Today, natural bath bombs, soap bars, body washes, shower gels, body lotions, face scrubs, face washes, etc. are being made from natural ingredients like Shea butter, honey, essential oils, etc.

Use Natural Products to clean yourself

Natural Products do not damage your skin. Face and skin are sensitive and prolonged exposure to chemicals can make them dry, listless or might also damage them. Regular soaps, body washes, and face washes contain chemicals, preservatives, artificial colors, animal fats, and many other toxic chemicals that can lead us towards hazardous skin disorders and diseases.

Even minor issues like acne, pimples, dark spots, etc. can be amplified due to these chemically ridden body cleaning products. People who have sensitive skin might get rashes, skin inflammation, etc. Individuals who are facing skin diseases like eczema have extremely sensitive skin. Such people should avoid using these products at all costs.

What is the alternative?

Ayurvedic and natural body cleansing products are the best alternatives to chemical-based products. These products are not only free from toxic chemicals but they also improve the overall condition and health of your skin. These organic products have a soothing effect on the skin which makes them perfect for daily use.

Importance of using Chemical-free products

Our skin consists of millions of tiny pores that can be filled with dust, dirt particles, chemicals, and other harmful particles due to exposure to sunlight, dust, pollution, and other external factors. When we use skin cleansing products, their primary job is to wash the remove the dirt particles from these pores.

However, when we use chemical-based products, they combine with the chemicals present inside the pores and cause skin rashes, irritation, and other issues. Therefore, your skin and face might look clean and nice after using these products but these chemicals remain on the dormant surface and pores. As a result, chances of acquiring skin diseases increase if you use such products over a long period.

To keep your skin safe from such hazards, you should use chemical-free products made from natural ingredients. The natural products effectively remove the dirt particles and oil from your skin and make it clean, glowing, germ-free, and radiant.

Ingredients and examples

There are hundreds of ingredients like milk, rose water, Neem, plant extracts, natural fragrances like lavender, sandalwood, etc. are used in the chemical-free body cleansing products. Nowadays, essential oils are being used on a large scale in these products. These oils naturally nourish the skin and are ideal for both dry and oily skin. They have a soothing fragrance that lingers on your body for a long time. Let us see some examples of natural body cleansing products.

Shower gels

Shower gels made from essential oils and other organic ingredients can be used to replace your regular shower gels.

Handmade soaps

Handmade Soaps are made from natural ingredients and essential oils clean our skin effectively without exposing it to chemicals.

Face scrubs and washes

Face scrubs, sleeping masks, and face wash made from natural fruit extracts and essential oils not only improve the condition of your skin but also seamlessly remove the dirt particles.

Apart from these products, there are several other natural products like body washes, bath bombs, etc. that can replace the regular cleaning products of your bathroom.

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