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Get Economical yet Best Spine Surgery in Delhi

Get Economical yet Best Spine Surgery in Delhi
Minimally invasive spine surgery (MISS) is sometimes called less invasive spine surgery. In these procedures, doctors use specialized instruments to access the spine through small incisions.

Best spine surgery

Spine Surgery is a surgical specialty meant for the restoration and preservation of spine function by treating variety of spinal disorders. The basic purpose of spine surgery is to provide pain relief, stabilization of spine and decompression of spinal cord and nerves.

Spine surgery often combines orthopedic surgery and neuro-surgery together for a successful outcome. The spinal surgeries are performed to correct painful disorders of spine such as a Herniated Disc, Spinal Stenosis or Spondylolisthesis.

Spine surgery is an option, particularly when more conservative treatments do not provide relief from pain. Also, to treat other problems, like a serious infection, tumor in the spine or a nerve root problem called Cauda Equina syndrome, surgery sometimes becomes a medical necessity.

With all the facilities for best spine surgery in Delhi, most common types of spine surgeries performed in Delhi include:

  • Discectomy- usually performed to remove damaged herniated disc to relieve pressure on nerves and relieve pain.

  The two types of Discectomy surgery are:

Percutaneous Discetomy in which part of herniated disc is removed using a laser or suction device through a small incision in the back. 

dissect and move aside muscles and expose vertebra for removing portion of ruptured disc or/and portion of bone covering the spinal canal.

  • Laminotomy–is performed to remove Spinal Stenosis i.e. narrowing of spinal column, by enlarging it and thereby removing pressure on the nerve roots. 
  • Spinal Fusion – by fusing two or more discs to form a single immobile unit to prevent the bones from moving and relieve pain,  stabilize a spine damaged due to tumor or infection, arrest progression of spinal deformity like scoliosis.
  • Foraminotomythrough which surgeon enlarges the spinal canal to prevent bulging disks or joints thickened with age.
  • Vertebroplasty - procedure is performed to relieve the pain and problems associated with compression fractures of vertebrae by injecting cement like material into vertebrae for bolstering fractured bone/bones.
  • Kyphoplasty – similar procedure as of Vertbroplasty but with one additional step in which before injecting the cement material, doctor places small balloon-like device into  compressed vertebra and inflates it to restore height of crumbled vertebra and reduce deformity.

Cost of Spine Surgery in Delhi

The cost of best spine surgery in Delhi depends upon various factors such as:

  • Class, reputation and expertise of doctors
  • Hospital chosen
  • Diagnostic procedures involved
  • Kind of surgery facilities availed
  • Any other medical or surgical treatment given in conjunction with spine surgery
  • Hospital stay


Best Spine Surgery Hospitals in Delhi

The list of best hospitals for best spine surgery includes:

  • Global Hospital Delhi
  • Spine Surgery Delhi
  • Fortis Hospital Delhi
  • Max Hospital Delhi
  • BLK Hospital Delhi
  • Indraprastha Apollo
  • Sir Ganga Ram Hospital
  • Narayana Multispecialty Hospital
  • IBS Hospital


Best Spine Surgeons in Delhi

Among best surgeons for best spine surgery in Delhi, we have:

  • Dr. Hitesh Garg
  • Dr. VineeshMathur
  • Dr. Jawahar Pahuja
  • Dr. B. Mohapatra
  • Dr. Dharmendra Singh
  • Dr. Harshvardhan Hegde
  • Dr. H. S. Chhabra
  • Dr. R. S. Chahal
  • Dr. Manoj Miglani
  • Dr. Nitesh Kumar Rathi
  • Dr. Rajat Mahajan
  • Dr. Himanshu Tyagi

Why International Patients choose India?

It is a well acknowledged fact that India has always been producing some of world’s best spine surgeons and doctors for other medical and surgical specialties.

Highly qualified and expert spine surgeons perform even the most complex spine surgeries in world class hospitals with ultra modern surgical and diagnostic facilities in India.

With most reliable surgeries with highly successful outcome at most affordable cost, makes India a most preferred destination for medical and surgical treatment for international patients.

Due to ease of:

  • Medical visa
  • Communication and travel
  • Currency exchange
  • Boarding and lodging

Above all low cost surgery is one of the main reasons for international patients to choose India for various kinds of medical treatments.

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