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Fallopian Tube Surgery In India For Successful Infertility Treatment In Women

Fallopian Tube Surgery In India For Successful Infertility Treatment In Women
Laparoscopic Gynacologic Surgery in India for females facing gynacological disorders. Know complete scenario of laparoscopic surgery for women and how it is good choice to open surgery? .

Laparoscopic Gynecologic Surgery In India

Laparoscopy is the ground-breaking way of performing any surgical procedure without using large incisions. It is also called key-hole surgery” because instead of large cuts, laparoscopy generally requires small cuts of about 0.5-1cm. It helps in diagnosis and treatment as well.

Gynecological laparoscopy surgery is a broad term used for laparoscopic procedure performed for the medical conditions related to the female reproductive system, mainly surgery that treats infertility in females. The laparoscopic surgery for fertility is the micro-surgical procedure performed with the help of tiny video camera called as 'laparoscope'. Applicable surgical instruments are introduced through other incisions to carry out the surgical process like; removal of the blockage from the fallopian tube, repair of fimbriae, removal of hydrosalpix and PCOS correction. In exceptional cases an incision is done in vagina for laparoscopic surgery.

Common medical conditions responsible for the female infertility that may be treated by gynecological laparoscopy Surgery are; PCOS, Fallopian tube occlusion/blockage/damage, Endometriosis, Pelvic adhesions, Fallopian tube hydrosalphix and Tubular ligation. The main advantage of the gynecological laparoscopy surgery is to cure infertility and increase the chances of conception.

Laparoscopic Gynecologic Surgery For Fallopian Tube Blockage

fallopian tube blockage typically prevents successful passage of the egg to the sperm, or fertilized egg to the uterus. Surgery may be used to correct this known cause of infertility. The particular type of surgery is based on location and the extent of fallopian tube blockage.

The common laparoscopic surgical procedures performed for infertility are;

1-Tubal reanastomosis: It is performed to reverse the fallopian tubal ligation or to remove the damaged part of fallopian tubes.

2-Salpingectomy: Remove the part of the fallopian tube which has developed hydrosalpix (build-up of fluid). This method is often performed to improve the chances of IVF that was obstructed by hydrosalpix

3-Salpingostomy: When there is the development of hydrosalpix in part of the fallopian tube proximal to the ovary

4-Fimbrioplasty: This procedure performed to rebuild or repair frimbriae of the fallopian tube.

5-Salpingoophorolysis: This procedure is performed to free the fallopian tube from the adhesions that are occulting the tube

6-Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) surgery: Ovarian drilling is performed by heated needle to wipe out extra follicular sacs inside the ovary.

What Is The Cost Of Laparoscopic Surgery For Blocked Fallopian Tubes In India?

The fallopian tube surgery cost in India is between US$ 2500 – US$ 4500. The hospital stay for patient is around two to three days and seven to ten days outside the hospital. The success rate depends on age, cause of blockage, whether the procedure is unilateral or bilateral etc. However, the patients may experience more than 50% of improvement in the chances of conception. Also the success rate more or less depends on the cause of blockage involved. The fallopian tube blockage surgery cost in India for infertility is significantly low as compared to US or UK.

Best Gynae Laparoscopic Surgeon In India

Top Gynecologic laparoscopic surgeons in India are mentioned below:

  • Dr. Sabhyata Gupta
  • Dr. Anjila Aneja
  • Dr. Veena Bhat
  • Dr. Firuza Parikh
  • Dr. Sutopa Banerjee

Why International Patients Choose India For Gynecology Treatment?

There are several top gynecology hospitals in India which provide highest-level of care for women with gynecological disorders. The top gynecology hospitals here in India have the facilities for detection and prevention of gynecological disorders.

Most of these hospitals carry out women health checkup programs to diagnose early signs of problems in the reproductive organs. The experienced gynecological surgeons in India use minimally invasive techniques (like laparoscopy) and world class equipments. Gynecology surgery in India treats almost all the conditions associated to the reproductive system successfully.


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