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Affordable Total Disc Replacement Surgery with the Best Orthopaedic Hospitals of India

Affordable Total Disc Replacement Surgery with the Best Orthopaedic Hospitals of India
Total disc replacement (TDR) or artificial disc replacement (ADR), is a type of arthroplasty

Total Disc Replacement Surgery

The spine is a rigid structure of 33 vertebrae that provides support to the human body. It is because of the assistance of the spinal column that a person can stand straight or has the flexibility to bend and perform different functions with ease.

The spine consists of fibro cartilaginous materials between the vertebrae to prevent their friction. These materials between the vertebrae are known as discs which  absorb any pressure or impact on the spine. These discs have a fluid interior and a tough exterior. In adulthood the spinal discs get deprived of blood flow due to which the fluid interior of the disc gets solidified and becomes less elastic.

Due to this, the spinal discs become more prone to damage and injuries in the middle age. There are also cases in which increased stress caused to the spine leads to a herniated disc or degenerative disc disease. Such disorders of the spinal disc put pressure on the nearby nerves and cause unbearable pain. If the damage caused to the disc is severe the pain does not limit to the back but is experienced in arms and legs too.

When the suffering caused due to the disorders of the spinal discs does not respond to any medical aid then the doctors suggest a disc replacement surgery. Disc replacement surgery is a procedure in which the damaged disc is replaced by an artificial disc.

Low-cost total disc replacement surgery in India

Procedure of Artificial Disc Replacement Surgery

Artificial disc replacement surgery is the most recommended treatment for disorders of spinal disc and is a procedure that takes not more than one to two hours. The team of surgeons involve a vascular surgeon and an orthopaedic or neurosurgeon. The procedure of total disc replacement is as follows:

  • Before the surgery, the patient is first given a general anaesthesia that puts him or her to sleep.
  • In the procedure the surgeons first make an incision and move the organs and blood vessels aside in order to have greater access to the damaged area of spine.
  • The surgeon then removes the damaged disk and cleans the surface of vertebra.
  • After releasing the pressure on the nerves, the surgeons place the end plates of the artificial disc between the vertebrae. The core of the artificial disc is then placed between the endplates.
  • The implants are then secured by the surgeons, after which the organs and blood vessels are put back in the place.
  • Finally the surgeon closes the incision.

Recovery Time for Disc Replacement Surgery

After disc replacement surgery, a patient remains in hospital for one or two days. The doctors may extend the stay if the patient suffers from any difficulty or pain. The recovery from a disc replacement surgery does not take long if proper instructions are followed by the patient. If the surgery goes well, a person is expected to get out of bed and walk in few days.

The doctors might suggest few people to wear brace for their spine to get necessary support. A month after the surgery, an x-ray will be taken to make sure that the artificial disc is still holding in place. Full recovery from the surgery shall take months but one can return to work steadily. The benefits of disc replacement surgery reduce the symptoms of damaged disc extensively and enable a person to carry out daily activities of life without any discomfort.

Cost of Disc Replacement Surgery in India

A large number of international patients visit India every year as it offers best and af affordable total disc replacement surgery in India at the top rated hospitals of the country. The average cost of disc replacement surgery in India is very less when compared to the developed countries in the west.

Although India offers disc replacement surgery with the same quality and advanced technology, the cost of disc replacement surgery in India is 60% to 80% less than that offered in western countries like USA and UK.

How are we helpful?

With the presence of Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants, the foreign nationals can comfortably avail the Total Disc Replacement Surgery in India. The medical value travellers also get the below services:

  • Coordinating with the hospitals and doctors on behalf of the patients.
  • Ethical approach.
  • Treatment planned at the top hospitals of India.
  • Helping the patient get connected with the best surgeons for Spinal Fusion Surgery.
  • Best priced Endoscopic Endonasal Surgery packages.
  • Treatment started at the earliest.
  • Language translators can be arranged.
  • Medical visa, flight and tickets, airport pick and drop, accommodation facilities, etc. – everything taken care by the group’s representatives.
  • Family members back home kept updated about the progress of the treatment.
  • Treatment clubbed with vacation.
  • Follow ups done even after the patients are back in their respective countries.

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