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Pros and cons of medical pregnancy termination
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Pros and cons of medical pregnancy termination
Before doing medical abortion, there is a need to know details about the pros and cons of medical pregnancy termination.

Pregnancy can be terminated in its early days if it is undesired. Methods used to terminate a pregnancy are surgical and medical. Both these methods will terminate a pregnancy effectively, but most women nowadays prefer medical termination with the help of online Abortion Pills. Both of these methods have these advantages and disadvantages. Here in this blog, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of medical pregnancy termination.

Before we discuss pro and cons of medical termination, let us understand how this procedure is performed.

Medical pregnancy termination is performed with the help of Mifepristone and Misoprostol pregnancy termination pill. These pills should be administered within 10 weeks of pregnancy. The first medicine used in this procedure is Mifepristone 200mg a pill of this medicine should be administered on the first day while as second medicine Misoprostol 200mcg should be administered 1 or 2 days later. After the successful administration of these termination pills, you will experience the aftereffects within 4-5 hours. This is one of the effective methods of terminating a pregnancy that has an efficiency of more than 98%.

Pros of medical pregnancy termination:

Sheltered procedure:

Unlike surgical aspiration, medical termination can be performed at home without the supervision of a surgeon. This is an easy and simple procedure hence does not require a visit at the clinic or supervision of physicists. Many women feel insecure and uncomfortable to talk about their pregnancies at the clinic. This problem is overcome with the help of online medicines.

Time saver:

As said earlier, this is a sheltered procedure and can be performed at home. A woman does not have to travel or invest time in clinical visits. 

Affordable cost:

Many women avoid abortion because of lack of money. If compared with surgical method medical abortion is a way too cheaper solution. Women can get this medicine at a cheaper price when they order these medicines online.

More private:

This procedure provides more privacy than a surgical procedure. When you order these medicines online you will get medicines at your doorsteps. This will help to terminate a pregnancy with more privacy. 

Con’s of medical pregnancy termination:

Side effects:

Use of this termination pill will cause effects like cramping and vaginal bleeding. Along with this, you will experience side effects that include nausea, vomiting, cold, fever, abdominal pain, fatigue, diarrhea, etc. All these are temporary aftereffects of these termination pills. You must remember these side effects will end with the termination process. 


Though this procedure is easy to perform, this can be a bit painful as well. Misoprostol used in termination process will work by dilating the cervix and breaking intrauterine linings. This will cause cramps as painful as periods. Its intensity depends on pregnancy duration.

Ineffective in tubal pregnancy:

If you suspect a pregnancy that is growing outside the uterus, avoid the use of these medicines. This medicine will only terminate a pregnancy that is growing inside the uterus.

Limited period:

This procedure is performed within 10 weeks of pregnancy. If your pregnancy is exceeding 10 weeks you should opt for another procedure to terminate the pregnancy.

Understand the procedure completely before you order Abortion Pill online to terminate a pregnancy.

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If an individual is undergoing other medications or treatment inform your gynaecologist. The use of abortion pills without professional guidance should be avoided.
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