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Tulsa’s HVAC company of choice, provides insight to energy saving ideas to reduce cooling cost

TULSA, OKLAHOMA- APRIL 26, 2019- With summer quickly approaching, so are the dreaded hikes on energy bills. Cooling a commercial or residential property is one of the top expenses of the season. But Wortman Central Air offers tips and tricks for customers to keep energy costs at pay when it comes to their HVAC systems.


The air conditioning system is vital to keeping cool during the summer months. If it requires repair or replacement, doing so can help cut costs. One tip, Wortman Central Air shares, is replacing older, non-working units with a new energy efficient model. While this carries a higher initial investment, in the long-term can save thousands.


Protecting your current air conditioning unit is essential. An excellent tip to keep it fully operational this summer is to keep the unit away from the sun and debris. The location of the AC should have adequate shade. This will drastically reduce energy consumption.


The thermostat of an air conditioning system is the brain of the whole operation. When defective or older, it can affect the efficiency of the unit. Wortman Central Air suggests that before summer hits, homeowners should consider upgrading to a programmable thermostat. Programmable thermostats can prevent the AC system from overworking, at times, when property owners aren’t home. They can also keep temperatures at a constant, set number, for more considerable savings.


Another tip, Wortman Central Air shares is for property owners to make sure their air filters and ductworks are cleaned on a routine basis. A clogged filter can reduce the efficiency of the cooling system, making it work harder for desired results. Before summer is in full- swing, having an HVAC contractor like Wortman Central Air perform an AC tune-up and air filter cleaning service could save hundreds on the energy bill.


Being prepared for the heat taxing temperatures on your HVAC system is a must, to ensure a season of comfort. With these helpful tips, property owners can prevent having expensive repairs, or an HVAC emergency.




Since 1968, Wortman Central Air has been the leading choice for heating and cooling services in the Tulsa area. Offering complete commercial and residential HVAC solutions, they quickly arose as the top choice. Not only is their offering of services extensive, but Wortman Central Air is also known for its outstanding customer service.


From air conditioning repair to heat pump installation, there is no cooling, heating, or ventilation challenge their technicians can’t handle. Inspections, installations, and repairs are done by NATE certified technicians to ensure consistent, high-quality service.


For more information on Wortman Central Air visit For any questions please contact Bob Enochs  at 918-584-4721 or by email at

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