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Simple mobile app structure for app navigation
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Simple mobile app structure for app navigation
Mobile app development company offers ample amount of options while choosing a mobile app structure to help comfortable user experience but you should educate yourself as well.

Mobile app structure helps the user navigate from mobile app content and use your company's products and services. The mobile application structure should be initiative and predictable at the same time. Over the years, developers around the world have experimented with user experience, and following mobile app, development structure is the most popular and provide its purpose of simple app navigation to end users:

  • Gesture Structure

Gesture structure for app navigation was a revolution in the mobile application industry brought forward after the introduction of touch-screen phones. Gestures based mobile application development is widely used even today after ten years as well. Gesture-based navigation structure removes unnecessary UI (User Interface) from the mobile application and makes room to showcase relevant content. Moreover, Gesture is one of the widely acceptable features for a mobile application development regardless of the language barrier.

  • Tab Bar Structure

Tab navigation structure is the most simple yet most influencing navigation structure so far. Many favorite social media apps such as Twitter, Instagram, and Apple mobile application use it at best. It easily communicates with the audience through self-exploratory icons or labels and is persistent. It also provides single tap access to valuable content to the audience. Moreover, based on your user experience research, it can be placed on top of the screen or bottom of the display. The easiest for users is bottom bar structure because through single hand use; content can be accessed easily with one click.

  • Hamburger Structure

Hamburger name was made due to the features this side drawer navigation structure offers. It layers important content on top of other content. For example, Gmail box. Where the primary tab shows important emails and side drawer gives the option of seeing only promotional, social, and update email through tapping on the option. It uses screen space very effectively to be used for a shopping application development or any other app which offers multiple buying options. Moreover, this navigation structure help in creating clean and simple designs which can attract more users for the mobile application.

  • Full-Screen Structure

Another famous navigation structure used by food application developers is Full-screen structure. This structure helps showcase the services with great visuals or photographs. The list of the menu with photographers hides the secondary content and maintain focus on the main content. The content can be placed using UI which is more appealing to users.

  • Circle Menu Structure

The circle menu navigation structure is a fun way to express your company and its products or services. Possibly for companies with lesser products and services. It holds less content and more icons for visualization of mobile application development. The mobile app development company place the content in circles of icons which helps the user navigate to hidden content under the layers. It provides a more memorable experience and helps a mobile app standout of the competitors.

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