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Https://www. mytrux. com
Technology in Transport: Rethinking the Trucking business for future in India Mytrux. com and why it is the gateway to the future of technology in transport...

The great management thinker Peter Drucker once said, “We cannot predict the future, but we can definitely invent the future”. Mytrux is an attempt to invent the future of transportation and trucking in India (

By bringing the fleet owners and the service users together on one platform, Mytrux will help create a new future for transport experience in India. Mytrux will not just be the combination of fleet owners and users; it will also be a combination of mobile technology and best of user experience to create a solution that will add value to everyone. Above all, it perfect syncs with your existing transport model and hence enhances value instead of replacing value. Offers a solution that will be more efficient, leaner, productive and surely highly profitable

How does the Truck / Fleet owner benefit?

A fleet owner benefits in a variety of ways through this “Network of Truck Networks”. Firstly, it helps optimize fleet with the help of cutting edge technology with Real time information via GPS and Android operating systems can be combined to plot the proximity of the truck availability to the

requirement. Secondly, the fleet owner having complete control over each and every logistical aspect of his business as the latest status of all the trucks is automatically loaded on system for review. Thirdly, it brings efficiency in the entire operation as the logistical flow is optimized and helps in substantially improving the ROI.

How does the Consumer benefit?

Value creation has to be at all ends & like the fleet owner, the Consumer

/services user’s operations also get optimized, being able to book space most efficiently and in a short span of time. Secondly, it works like a Just-In-Time (JIT) operation and that extends to manage their inventory. If an industry that uses the trucking service given visibility of truck space from its sourcing point to delivery point which is available at short notice, can reduce inventory holding & accordingly reduce the capital locked up. Last but not the least, it gives greater control to the service user which is limited to service provider with tracking device installed in vehicle. Technology interface enables with

real time position of vehicle , latest status of his shipment , available space to plan the backward and forward integrations of business accordingly. These benefits can actually be very large when quantified

That is where a “Network of Truck Networks” fits in...

Having understood the unique requirements of fleet owners and service user, the entire model as an online network of freight becomes evident. When we are referring to a “Network of Truck Networks”, we are actually talking of a Transport Exchange. Replicating the business of stock exchange which brings buyers and sellers together for the best bargain; similarly on Transport exchange platform the fleet owners and service users can come together for best business bargains. Creating a win-win situation for both.

Proof of pudding lies in the eating...

End of the day, benefits have to be quantified for being appreciated. Take the case of a Truck Fleet Owner , this “Network of Truck Networks” helps them do nearly 20% more trips per month with better turn around time due to control on trips. What is more; it ensures less fuel consumption through return load assurance, maintenance of vehicle, life of the engine and the tyres increase by about 5% each. When all these are pooled together, the overall benefit in productivity to the fleet owner is nearly 50%.

Let us look at the perspective of the Service user giving greater control, choice of transporters and better logistics planning, Overall productivity benefit will be to the tune of almost 20%. Industry which always has a pressure to reduce cost can understand the benefits of avenue giving opportunity for cost reduction by increase in productivity can make a substantial difference to bottom-line.

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