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Lymphoma Treatment in Bangalore Offers the Most Affordable Healthcare Services with Quality

Lymphoma Treatment in Bangalore Offers the Most Affordable Healthcare Services with Quality
Need clarification or assistance with decisions about Lymphoma Treatment in Bangalore ? Call us on: +91-9370586696, or write to us at email ID: contact@indianmedguru. com

What Is Lymphoma?

Before we discuss about the Cost of Lymphoma Treatment in Bangalore, we need to understand this ailment first. Well, lymphoma is a form of cancer that is found in the lymphatic system, which happens to be a body disease fighting network. This lymph system is usually made up of a number of organs and cells including thymus gland, liver, spleen and lymph nodes. So, when they lose their capacity of combating the same then it becomes the victim of caner that lead to the treatment options like lymphoma treatment in Bangalore. 

Lymphoma Treatment in Bangalore Offers the Most Affordable Healthcare Services with Quality

What Is The Most Common Treatment For Lymphoma?

If you talk about the treatment options at any Best Hospital for Lymphoma Treatment in Bangalore then there are several factors that are considered while deciding upon the relevant treatment option. These include the type and stage of the ailment along with the side effects of the treatment and other things.

Some of the common treatment options for lymphoma treatment in Bangalore are indicated as under: 

  • Chemotherapy: This treatment option is among the popular option of getting rid of this ailment. This is carried out in combination with the radiotherapy and is available in different forms starting from mild to heavy. 
  • Radiotherapy: The treatment option is used to treat the stage 1 and stage 2 lymphomas while the cancerous cells are located inside the body. The treatment option is given daily with the time duration of 2 to 6 weeks. 
  • Monoclonal Antibody Therapy: The Lymphoma Treatment in Bangalore uses employs drugs to find out the cells in the body. This can be used along with other treatment options. 
  • Steroids: This treatment option is carried out with other lymphoma treatment in Bangalore like chemotherapy and other treatment options, which are carried out in a short term fashion. 
  • Transplants: This is also one of the best options for lymphoma treatment in Bangalore that destroys the bone marrow cells affected by the cancer. 

What Is The Average Cost Of Lymphoma Treatment In Bangalore?

When it comes to the Cost of Lymphoma Treatment in Bangalore, it happens to be very much affordable especially when you compare it with developed nations like the US and the UK. Well, the fact of the matter it comes along with highly affordable option. The cost of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma treatment in India is around 18,000 USD, while the same treatment in the US can cost you around 75,000 USD. Also, when we talk about the Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma treatment it comes to around 22,000 USD while the same procedure in the US can cost you around 85,000 USD.

Which Is The Best Hospital For Lymphoma Treatment In Bangalore?

When it comes to the Best Hospital for Lymphoma Treatment in Bangalore, there are several to count. Well, the top one that deals with the best lymphoma treatment in Bangalore include Fortis Hospital, Manipal Hospital, Cancer Healer Hospital, Cytecare Hospital, Kidwai Memorial Institute of Oncology, HCG Cancer Center, Shri Shankara Institute of Cancer Research and Hospital, Bangalore Cancer Center and Oncology India. This is a modest list and these offer one of the best oncology care, which are offered with great care and professionalism. 

Who Is The Best Oncologist For Lymphoma Treatment In Bangalore?

When it comes to lymphoma treatment in Bangalore, there are many and some of these are renowned in the country to offer the best of the oncology care to the global patients. These have expertise in handling lymphoma treatment in Bangalore and are known for their higher success rate and quality of healthcare services. They have the experience in working with one of the best hospital for Lymphoma treatment in Bangalore and all across the world.

Some of these doctors dealing with the treatment are as under: 

  • Dr. Mahendra Jain
  • Dr. Shekhar Patil
  • Dr. Jayanti S Thumpsi
  • Dr. Chandrashekhar M
  • Dr. K S Gopinath
  • Dr. Shabber Zaveri
  • Dr. Jagganth Dixit
  • Dr. Vijay Agarwal

Get Lymphoma Treatment within Your Budget with Indian Med Guru Consultants:

If you are looking for the medical consultants, then consider the group Indian Med Guru Consultants. These are among the top groups offering the high quality oncology services.Indian Med Guru Consultants has one of the best hospitals and surgeons in their network. This means you would be treated at the best hospital for lymphoma treatment in Bangalore and treated by the best man. You also get a number of other things as well like food, local travel and other things with. Interestingly, the cost of lymphoma treatment in Bangalore comes to be very much affordable with Indian Med Guru Consultants.

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