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Major Procedures for Hair Transplant Surgery

Major Procedures for Hair Transplant Surgery
Hair transplant is a cosmetic surgical procedure for replacing patient’s own hair from a donor area to area where he has less or no hairs.

Hair Transplant

Hair transplant is a cosmetic surgical procedure for replacing patient’s own hair from a donor area to area where he has less or no hairs. This is a popular remedy for hair loss especially baldness that cosmetic surgeons perform according to amount of baldness in every patient.

The magnitude of hairs taken from donor area depends on the area that needs hairs transplanted on it.

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Donor area: Usually own hairs of the patient are taken from back of the head. This is the area where hairs grow as usual. This area is referred to as donor area.

Bald area: This area needs hairs to be transplanted on it as there will be less or no hairs. This is usually central top portion of head of the patient.

There are two major procedures for hair transplant surgery already mention at :

FUE hair transplant: This procedure is known as Follicle Unit Extraction. In this process surgeons shave some part of donor area and pick hair follicles ideally one at a time. Hairs grow naturally within some days on the shaved area after the surgery. Later they numb the bald area and make tiny holes in it on regular distances using a sharp needle or scalpel. This forms the base for hair transplant. With the help of assistant surgeons they place one hair follicle in each hole systematically. Thus hairs are transplanted artificially where there are no hairs and patient would get a fuller head with hairs grown in all parts equally.

FUT hair transplant: This procedure is known as Follicle Unit Transplant. In this process surgeons take out a strip of upper layer of skin along with hairs from the donor area. They further dissect this strip in number of grafts. The length of strip taken out and grafts made depends on the bald area. The next process is almost similar. They make holes in bald area and place one graft in each hole. Thus hairs are transplanted on bald area of patients head.

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